Lunch Table Reunion

There was a lunch table in the 1990s at Saint Ignatius that was a fusion of suburbs and Chicago neighborhoods. This class of 1994 table welcomed girls from River Forest, Oak Park, Riverside, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Western Springs, Lemont and Bolingbrook to the Chicago neighborhoods of Beverly, Bridgeport, the Near West Side and the North Shore. The women's lives and careers have become just as varied as their backgrounds, but they still find time for "lunch table reunions" between the SICP five-year reunions. The group says the gatherings don't happen often enough, but they always bring laughs when reminiscing and time well spent checking in on each other—with no spouses, significant others, or kids allowed.
In March, an Oak Brook brunch pulled in friends from as far south as Lockport up north to Evanston and one from Omaha, Neb. While the 1994 lunch table includes about 25 women, the ones who got together were: Amy Fitzgerald, Becky Frett, Kate Gawlik, Megan Lynch, Molly Meade McGowan, Heather Mikesell Zuckweiler, Mollie Norton Stathopoulos and Faye Hizon Nybo.
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