Trio of ’99 Grads Teaming Up to Provide Mental Health Support, Alleviate Stress and Work in New Ways during COVID-19 

Karen Hicks '99 proudly joined classmates Colleen Napleton ’99 and Nneka Onyezia '99 at Inner Life Psychological Services as the newest psychotherapist on staff.
These women—and the rest of their team—work with kids and adults in the city and suburbs to help with anxiety, mood disorders, Covid-related stress, life transitions, anger management, and relationship issues. 
Everyone could use a little extra support these days and this trio of women for others is doing their part to provide help in our communities. The situation with Covid-19 has taken a devastating toll on mental health across the U.S. as everyday stresses have significantly increased during the pandemic. People have concerns over testing positive for Covid-19, getting sick or dying, grief from the loss of a loved one, and anxiety related to jobs, childcare and finances. The Inner Life team works with clients during counseling sessions to identify and work through challenges and issues in their lives, in addition to helping them prepare to successfully navigate the upcoming Covid winter. 
This past spring, the Inner Life team quickly pivoted from traditional in-person therapies to virtual tele-health services, which continue today. This has allowed the Inner Life team to provide services to a wider group of people since they eliminated the need to travel to/from appointments. This virtual model is extremely beneficial to many, especially as the team has seen an increased need for support as the pandemic changed from weeks into months. 
Inner Life Psychological Services was started by Dr. Napleton ’99 (she/her) to improve the emotional well-being of the children, adolescents, and adults in our communities. The team has offices in the Gold Coast and Hinsdale. Click here [] for more details on Inner Life. 
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