Tim Swindle '98

Tim is an entrepreneur and investor, helping build and exit multiple companies. As an early investor and employee at PointDrive, a Chicago-based sales software company, he had roles leading sales, marketing and operations before the company was acquired in 2016 by LinkedIn. During this time, Tim created Utter Nonsense, an entertaining card game that was quickly carried by several retailers and ultimately within all 1,800 Target stores. Utter Nonsense was acquired in 2017 by private equity backed, PlayMonster, as the company sought to diversify their existing game portfolio. In 2018 Tim launched a kid’s toy, Lickety Spin, with his 10-year-old niece and co-founded Playtacular LLC, an independent company that designs and creates innovative toys and games. In addition to this, Tim is one of four Managing Members of Hubbard Street Capital, investing in early-stage companies. 
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