In Memoriam

Saint Ignatius College Prep mourns the loss of our deceased alumni, parents, benefactors, and friends of the school. Below, we list the names of our dearly departed ones. We offer condolences to the families of our beloved dead and we ask you to please keep their names in your prayers.
You may also share the news of a death in your family or our Saint Ignatius community by contacting Fr. Mark Luedtke, S.J. '86 at We have Mass request cards available if you wish to have a Mass said for an alum, a family member, or a friend. All stipends will be directed to the Saint Ignatius Jesuit Community.

We will add the names of your dearly departed into a Mass Intention Book, and the Jesuits at Saint Ignatius will remember them at all Masses in the Cuneo Chapel of the North American Martyrs on the 5th floor. 

To give a gift "in honor" or "in memory" of someone special, donate online and specify toward the bottom of the donation form that your gift is a "Memorial/Tribute Gift" to the individual being honored or remembered. 

If any individuals or their relationships are listed in error, we apologize. Please do let us know so we can make any needed corrections. 
We pray for those who have passed away.
Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine upon them. 

List of 98 frequently asked questions.

  • August 2022

    Timothy C. Anderson '69, brother of Tom Anderson '72.
    John S. Brennan, Sr. '70, brother of Christopher L. Brennan '70.
    Thomas Tully Carmody '61, brother of Richard P. Carmody '60.
    Frank J. Casey '60
    John J. Considine '60
    John A. Druska '63, former teacher; father of Marthe Druska Golden '98 and John N. Druska '03.
    Paschal J. Giannelli '57
    John C. Hall '49
    Gerald M. Halvey '59
    John P. Hausfeld '71
    John Joyce '54
    Robert Kallotte '66
    Rudolph A. Komater '46
    Jack P. Laughlin '53, brother of David A. Laughlin '46.
    Patrick J. Manning '62
    Margaret "Peggy" Harling Peacock '86
    Steven Sendziak, Jr. '46
    Leo J. Spizzo '62
    Joseph H. Stodder '47
    Bruno B. Wolff, Jr. '52, brother of the late Philip J. Wolff  '52.
    Morris Allen, Sr., father of Morris Allen '77 and grandfather of Jason O. Allen '00.
    Thomas P. Coffey, father of Thomas P. Coffey '88 and Matt Coffey '93.
    Gloria Abaya Desierto, mother of Hon. Israel A. Desierto '80, Noel A. Desierto '82, and Rex A. Desierto '87.
    Catherine A. Fennell, mother of Mary Kate Fennell Van Hootegem '01.
    Lutonia "Toni" Graham Laurent, mother of Ronald P. Laurent, II '79, Kelly Laurent (expected '83), Anthony Laurent '86.
    Maria Teresa Lopez, mother of staff member Gerry Lopez.
    Eugene V. Matern, father of Chris Matern '77, Dan Matern '80, Terry Matern '81, Matt Matern (expected '83).
    Eileen Murray Ouimet, wife of the late Edward Ouimet '43; mother of Edward Ouimet, Jr. '71; grandmother of Edward Ouimet '06, John Ouimet '09 and Aiden Ouimet '19.
    Peter K. Schauer, father of Marc Schauer '86.
    Anna Mae Scott, mother of Capt. Brian C. Scott, U.S.N. '75.
    Anthony Valentino, Sr., brother of Mark Valentino '76 and Michael A. Valentino '76.
    Lynn Werner, mother of Ann Marie Lampariello '82.
    Gilda Wrenn, mother of William H. Wrenn '70, Frederick J. Wrenn, J.D. '72, and Kevin F. Wrenn '79; grandmother of Stephen F. Wrenn '08.
  • July 2022

    William J. "Bill" Blachowski '64, brother of Bob Blachowski '62.
    Robert J. Butler, J.D. '55
    Leonard R. Caifano '72
    William Cowperthwait '54, brother of Tom Cowperthwait '64.
    Thomas P. Dunne '54 brother of James M. Dunne '50, Terry J. Dunne '57, and the late Dennis P. Dune '60.
    Robert R. Fuesel '54, brother of the late Stanislaus J. Fuesel '47.
    Patrick J. Manning '62
    James Newell '58, brother of the late Donald E. Newell, Jr '56.
    Robert Shanahan '59
    Richard Paul Brennan, son of Richard J. "Dick" Brennan '54; cousin of Dr. Eileen Harmon Junkins '91.
    Eileen C. Elward, mother of John Elward '77 and Patrick Elward '82; grandmother of Elizabeth G. "Lizzie" Elward '15 and Daniel Elward '18.
    Frank Folinazzo, father of Francesca Folinazzo Mazurkiewicz '91 and Felicia M. Folinazzo Palmisano '95
    Jacqualine "Jacque" McDonough, wife of the late James J. "Jim" McDonough '51
    Peter K. Schauer, father of Marc Schauer ’86
    Philip M Sheridan, brother of the late Paul M. Sheridan '54; father of Philip M. Sheridan '82, Mark G. Sheridan '83 (Dr. Mary McNicholas Sheridan '83), Mary Sheridan Rabideau '85, and Charlene Sheridan Mitchell '86; uncle of Paul M. Sheridan '81, Luke P. Sheridan '85, and John J. Sheridan '86; grandfather of Margot C. Sheridan '14, Lillian G. Mitchell '21, and Caley M. Mitchell '23.
    John O'Brien, brother of Nancy Kehoe (wife of former faculty member, Rich Kehoe).
  • June 2022

    Donald J. Ciancio '55
    Robert J. Deering ’42
    William K. "Mike" Flood ’57, brother of the late Joseph S. Flood ’61.
    John Foley ’59, brother of the late William Foley ’49, the late Dr.
    Gerald Foley ’50, Robert Foley ’52, the late Thomas Foley ’53, and Dr. Kevin Foley ’63.
    Robert W. Hebel ’56
    Patrick Henry ’65
    Thomas M. Hynes ’58, brother of the late Patrick J. Hynes, III ’50 and John F. Hynes ’53.
    Philip L. Kohl ’64
    Salvatore J. Lato ’54
    Ashley Loquercio Rojnica ’02, sister of Robert Loquercio '26.
    David Neil McBride ’49
    Daniel J. Murphy '49
    Rev. Edward Wiatrak, S.J. '23
    Matt Baffoe, husband of Barbara Thouvenell Baffoe ’91.
    Eileen Elward, mother of John Elward ’77 and Patrick Elward ’82; grandmother of Lizzie Elward ’15 and Daniel Elward ’18.
    Dorothy J. Harris, mother of Wallace W. Harris, Jr. ’83; grandmother of Jordan E. Harris ’14 and Jada Harris ’19.
    John Edward Hunt, brother of Edward J. Hunt ’72.
    AnnMarie Keenan, mother of Lauren Keenan Dubuque ’07 and Michael M. Keenan ’11.
    Donna Frieden, grandmother of Elise A. O'Malley ’09.
    Joseph T. Thouvenell, father of Barbara Thouvenell Baffoe ’91 (April 2021).

    Raul Vergil, father of Myrna E. Vergil ’89 and Violeta Vergil Flemenbaum ’92.
  • May 2022

    Michael R. Conley ’59
    Nicholas A. Gallo ’51
    Dr. Michael I. Hussey ’49, father of Dr. Michael J. Hussey ’77, Dr. Kevin I. Hussey ’79, Dr. Francis X. Hussey ’81, Margaret Hussey Digenan ’82, Maureen Hussey Challenger ’84; grandfather of Jennifer D. Vollman ’06, Kevin P. Hussey ’07, Margaret C. Bormes ’11, James X. Bormes ’14, Thomas J. Digenan ’14, Mary Claire C. Bormes ’16, Patrick M. Digenan ’16, Grace A. Bormes ’18, Peter Digenan ’19, John Digenan ’21, Peter E. Bormes ’22, Claire M. Digenan ’23, Elizabeth E. Digenan ’25.
    Frank P. LaBarbera ’57
    Joseph F. Luby ’53
    Gregory McDonnell ’47, brother of the late Robert J. McDonnell ’42.
    Dr. Joseph L. Murphy ’53
    Joseph C. Pentecoste ’57
    Vincent E. Rangel ’63, father of Dr. Jennifer Rangel Selke ’86.
    Gregory C. Small ’66
    Dr. Robert T. Strasser ’70
    Timothy M. Tully, Sr. ’64
    Martha O'Regan Chill, wife of Don W. Chill, Ph.D. ’57.
    Charlotte Gerami, grandmother of William ’21, Charles ’26 and Ava ’26.
    Geraldine Marian Jasinski, grandmother of George Jasinski ’02, David Jasinski ’05, and Gabrielle Jasinski Donnelly ’09.
    Charles E. Johnson, Jr., father of the late Charles E. Johnson, III ’77, Craig Johnson ’79, and Tracey Johnson ’81.
    Patricia A. Messbarger, former teacher from 1979 - 2012; mother of Anne P. Messbarger-Eguia ’82, Paula E. Messbarger ’84, Jessica Messbarger Gracia ’87, and Matthew P. Messbarger ’96.
    Carol Ann Meyer, mother of Kimberly Meyer Schilling ’85; sister of Rev. John "Jack" Kilgallen, S.J. ’52.
    Gerard J. Meyer, father of Kimberly Meyer Schilling ’85; brother-in-law of Rev. John "Jack" Kilgallen, S.J. ’52.
    Laura Loisi Petruzzelli, mother of Vito G. Petruzzelli ’51; grandmother of Guy J. Petruzzelli ’77, M.D. Ph.D., Guy M. Petruzzelli, Jr. ’91, Laura Petruzzelli Fairclough ’93, Dominic A. Petruzzelli ’95.
    Christine Socher, wife of Dr. Jeffrey C. Socher ’59.
    Maria Wanamaker, sister of Robert K. Lock, Jr. ’76 and Peter A. Lock ’82; grandmother of Gabriella Lock Cesarone ’10, Robert Lock ’12, and Rachele C. Lock ’13.
    Erwin M. Weil, father of Adam J. Weil ’15 and Nicholas A. Weil ’15.
    Diane Marie Westerkamp, wife of Deacon Thomas Westerkamp ’71.
  • April 2022

    John P. Gannon '58
    Paul G. Macklin '82
    Anthony M. Mockus '47
    Dr. Robert T. Strasser '70
    Col. Robert E. Venkus, U.S.A.F. (Ret.) '59
    Geoffrey J. Abbott, father of Matthew C. Abbott '94.
    Kevin Allen, father of Kara Allen '93 and Sarah Allen '95 (Michael Allen '97); grandfather of Nora Allen '23 and Addison Allen '26.
    Armando Augelli, grandfather of Ashley Contreras-France '02.
    Mary Beth Stack Busija, sister of James E. A. Stack II '71 and Robert J. Stack '72; cousin of Edward Howland '73.
    Suzanne "Sue" Connor, grandmother of Albert D. Connor '23 and Robert C. Connor '26.
    Karen Costabilo, wife of Frank P. Costabilo, Sr. '63.
    James "Jim" M. Dillon Jr., brother of Kathryn Borg, current teacher.
    Lorena Christine Evans, mother of Curtis N. Evans '77.
    Lori A. Goodman, wife of Patrick A. Goodman '63; mother of Judi Goodman Conaghan '84 and Kathleen Goodman '89.
    Dr. Ana E. Manglano, MD, mother of Ramon Manglano '78, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle '79, David Manglano '81, Ana Manglano Couri '80, Dr. Miriam Manglano Tierney '87, and Julia Manglano Toro '89; grandmother of David J. Manglano '09, Liam J. Manglano '13, Ramon Manglano '12, Patrick D. Manglano '14, and Sofia R. Manglano '17.
  • March 2022

    Andrew J. Boubel '51
    Frank P. Lucafo '58
    Donald Sevcik '50
    Michael P. Sullivan '81, brother of James D. Sullivan '79 and John T. Sullivan '85; father of Meghan A. Sullivan '10.
    Donna Marie Becht, mother of Jacqueline Becht Clark '89.
    Gerald L. "Brock" Brockhouse, father of Kelly J. Brockhouse '95 and former athletic director.
    Mary "Alice" Connor, grandmother of Kathryn T. Brankin '07 and David P. Brankin '08.
    Stephen Cook, son of Linda Cook, former staff member; brother of Gregory '91, Michael '93, Timothy '96.
    James Dooley, brother of Lt. Katherine T. Dooley '91.
    Gary Lee Fairchild, father of Courtney E. Fairchild '92.
    Peter A. Fasseas, father of Alexis P. Fasseas '99 and Drew P. Fasseas '01.
    Mary Gill, mother-in-law of Patrick Harney '76; grandmother of James P. Harney '10 and Mary E. Harney '14.
    Henry J. Underwood, father of Patrick T. Underwood '98 and Lucy H. Underwood '04.
    Eleazar Vazquez, father of Eleazar Vazquez, Jr. '84.
    Dr. John Michael Wieland J.D., M.D., father of Anne-Marie Wieland D’Angelo '94. 
  • February 2022

    Patrick J. Crosson '55
    William J. Doran '52
    James E. Harrington '45
    Hon. Mel R. Jiganti '50, brother of John J. Jiganti ’58
    Walter J. Liepelt '61
    John F. Mangan '47
    Thomas A. Marcet '61
    Robert G. Martin '55, grandfather of Meghan Martin MacDonald '08, Robert Martin '10, Colleen Martin '11, Ryan Martin '13, Trey Johnson '18, James Johnson '19 and Thomas Johnson '21
    Charles P. Mazzio '54
    Daniel D. McCarthy '58
    Thomas J. McGrath '39
    Charles L. Meerman '50
    Dr. Richard G. Moutvic, M.D. '51, brother of the late Robert C. Moutvic '48.
    William "Bill" M. Morkes '39
    John E. Norris '52
    John J. O'Hara '56
    John E. Payton Jr. '48
    John Frank Serr '53
    Joseph D. Accardi, brother of Jackie Accardi Karstens '06.
    Lillian H. Bicek, wife of Edward G. Bicek '25.
    Frankie Burrell, mother of Willard S. Evans, Jr. '73; grandmother of Peyton Evans '14 and Will Evans '16.
    Nick Del Giudice, grandfather of Jack Del Giudice '18, Kiley Del Giudice '20, and Colin P. Del Giudice '22.
    W. Gregory Doolin, father of Christopher R. D. Doolin '04.
    Robert F. Fitzpatrick, grandfather of Meaghan D. Fitzpatrick '08 and Shamus Fitzpatrick '12.
    Hon. Bettina R. Gembala, mother of Claire Gembala Nass '88 and Justine Gembala Skawski '92.
    Anthony Geraghty, father of Patricia Geraghty '88 and Antoinette Geraghty Wawrzyn '92.
    Thomas Edward Howe III, grandson of Robert Achille '65; nephew of Mary Pat Achille Bitter '88.
    James R. Justic, father of Stacy Justic Flanigan '94; grandfather of Jack W. Justic '17 and Daniel Justic '21.
    Thomas J. Justic, father of Jill Justic Cress '87, Thomas Justic '89, Todd M. Justic '93; grandfather of Mitchell Berger '15; Madison Justic '19, Mason Justic '22.
    Paul Richard "Dick" Karl, father of former principal Dr. Cathy Karl.
    William B. Middendorf, Jr., husband of Ellen Middendorf, father of Beth Middendorf Vlerick '93, William Middendorf '96, and Jane Middendorf Reimer '99; grandfather of Charles C. Vlerick '24, uncle of John O'Rourke '90, Mary Clifford '93, Elizabeth O'Rourke '00, and Kathleen O'Rourke '00.
    Rafael "Butch" Ong, father-in-law of Matt Miller, current staff member. 
    Joseph R. Scannicchio, brother of Edward W. Scannicchio '56 and Michael F. Scannicchio '59 and the late John M. Scannicchio '45.
  • January 2021

    Earl Crovedi ’56
    Edward P. Evert, Jr. ’57, father of Kate Evert ’82 (Joseph A. Sheils ’85) and Jennifer E. Evert ’92; grandfather of Margaret R. Sheils ’15 and Edward Sheils ’18.
    William G. Goss ’53
    Francis M. 'Fran' Heraty ’46, father of Kevin Heraty ’74 and Jack Heraty ’75; grandfather of Jack McClure ’11, Marty McClure ’12, Molly McClure ’14, Colin McClure ’16, Andrew Park ’12, Matthew Park ’12 and Emmy Park ’15.
    Thomas J. Madden ’62, brother of Dr. James Madden ’57 and the late William F. Madden ’63; uncle of Therese Madden Byrne ’90 (Sean Byrne ’93), Matthew Madden ’92 and Christopher Madden ’96.
    Gerard J. Malone ’52 
    Thomas J. O'Sullivan ’60
    Dr. John L. Picchietti ’46, father of Joan Picchietti Zajeski ’84.
    Allen P. Shemetulskis ’62
    Allen A. Schuh ’58
    William M. Senica ’63
    Algirdas Underys ’73
    Roger L. "Ted" Whitmer ’83, brother of Peter Whitmer ’85.
    Mary M. Ahern, mother of Patrick J. Ahern ’92 (Katie Keel ’92).
    Lois Allen, mother of Gavin Muldowney ’84.
    Joan Slattery Carron, sister-in-law of Matthew Walsh '64.
    Vincent R. Daley, Jr., father of Kathleen M. Daley ’90 and Colleen P. Daley ’92.
    Edward K. Fairbanks, brother of Fr. Patrick Fairbanks, S.J.
    Joseph Kadlec, father of William J. Kadlec '76 and Thomas J. Kadlec '68.

    Robert Kuchler, father of Mark Kuchler '83, Karen Kuchler Bassing '86, and Colleen Kuchler Sullivan '87; grandfather of Margaret Kuchler '13, Kevin Kuchler '15, Kelly Kuchler '18 and Abigail Kuchler '20; uncle of Chris Hansen '81 (Sheila Manning Hansen '81), Catherine Hansen Bross '83, and William Hansen '84.
    Elaine Martincic, mother of Robin Martincic Kolano ’85, Anita Martincic Snow ’86, and Danielle Martincic Pierce ’95 (Christopher J. Pierce ’95).

    Joel P. Morbito, father of Gabriella F. Morbito ’92.

    Robert J. O’Brien, Sr., father-in-law of Richard Kehoe, former teacher.
    Jim C. Sweeney, father of Michelle Sweeney ’86.
  • December 2021

    Vito P. Arredia '57
    Charles F. Dempsey '54
    Cmdr. James F. Duffy, U.S.N. (Ret.) '53, brother of the late John P. Duffy '51; cousin of the late Thomas J. O'Connor '61.
    Kevin J. Duffy '74
    Sam F. Grippo '49
    David Kozek '54
    Joseph C. La Rocco, Jr. '52
    Donald J. Mulvihill, Sr. '46
    Robert F. Nix '54
    Charles Polus '73
    William Prah '54
    Allen A. Schuh '58
    Allen P. Shemetulskis '62
    Edmund M. Tobin '49, father of Edmund M. Tobin, Jr. '74, Amy Tobin Siegle '82, and Christopher Tobin '88.
    Thaddeus Zielinski '62
    Mary Ann Ford, wife of the late Robert Ford '54; sister-in-law of John L. Ford '62
    Robert Kuchler, father of Mark Kuchler '83, Karen Kuchler Bassing '86, and Colleen Kuchler Sullivan '87; grandfather of Margaret '13, Kevin '15, Kelly '18 and Abigail '20; uncle of Chris Hansen '81 (Sheila Manning Hansen '81), Catherine Hansen Bross '83, and William Hansen '84.
    Katherine C. Morrissey, mother of Joe '85 and Mike '67; grandmother of Matt '03, Jim '04, Patrick '05, Margaret '07, Emmett '08, and Sheila '11
    Christina Reyes, grandmother of Renee R. Reyes '14
    William "Bill" Roberts, father of Joshua P. Roberts '91 and Rachel Roberts Gallagher '92
    Reverend Donald R. Rowe, S.J., former president 
  • November 2021

    James P. Bradley ’54, brother of the late Roger P. Bradley ’58.
    Michael K. Reilly ’50, brother of the late Rev. John E. Reilly ’46 and the late Edward C. Reilly ’47; father of Mark M. Reilly ’77; grandfather of Dr. Christopher M. Reilly ’00, Kevin W. Reilly ’04, Grace Reilly Burke ’06 and Nicholas Watka ’07.  
    J. Edward Clair ’54
    Michael D. Tivilini ’87, son of Robert D. Tivilini ’55; sister of Amy Tivilini Curtis ’90.
    William C. Devereux ’49, brother of Joseph J. Devereux ’53; grandfather of Mary Monica Ebzery ’20.
    Kevin Duffy '74
    Maj. Donald E. Newell, Jr. USMC (Ret) ’56, brother of Dr. James S. Newell, Ph.D. ’58.
    John Gibbons ’50
    Ronald J. Goscinski ’52
    James R. Goss ’58
    Robert C. Ranquist, Jr. ’58
    Roger F. Reedy ’49, brother-in-law of Rich J. Gannon ’57.
    Michael G. Seaman ’55, son of the late H.G. Seaman ’27 and brother-in-law of Andrew Pinkowski ’51.
    Donald S. Strong ’77
    Michael D. Tivilini ’87, son of Robert D. Tivilini ’55; sister of Amy Tivilini Curtis ’90.
    Lester Dybowski, father of Lisa M. Dybowski Aggarwal ’96.
    Fr. W. Peter Bayhi, SJ, former teacher.
    Charles R. Loftus, father of Maureen Loftus Brennan ’88, Robert F. Loftus ’90, and Nora Loftus Hynes ’00.
    Lynn Ann Crotty, sister of Jack George, former board member; aunt of John P. George ’98, Mary E. George ’99, and Michael F. George ’01.
    Henry Evans, father of Curtis N. Evans ’77.
    Patricia G. Fuentes, mother of Melissa Basil Morton ’89, Matt Basil ’90, Marc Basil ’93, Megan Basil Song ’94, Michael Basil ’99; grandmother of Lily E. Basil ’22 and Emma L. Basil ’24; mother-in-law of Amanda Pustay Basil ’90.
    Melody Goodall, mother of Seletta E. Goodall-Nichols ’91, Barbara Goodall Meschino ’93, and Dr. Perpetua T. Goodall ’93; grandmother of Gabriela I. Meschino ’20 and Antonio R. Meschino ’23.
    William J. Harte, father of Meghan Harte ’86 and Stephanie Harte ’87; grandfather of Crea Wilhelmi ’19 and Jude Wilhelmi ’23.
    Charles R. Loftus, father of Maureen Loftus Brennan ’88, Robert F. Loftus ’90, and Nora Loftus Hynes ’00.
    Dr. Jose I. Manglano, father of Ramon Manglano ’78, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle ’79, Ana Manglano Couri ’80, David Manglano ’81, Dr. Miriam Manglano Tierney '87, and Julia Manglano Toro ’89; grandfather of David J. Manglano ’09, Liam J. Manglano ’13, Ramon Manglano ’12, Patrick D. Manglano ’14, and Sofia R. Manglano ’17.
    Charles T. (Chuck) McEnery, son of the late Eugene T. McEnery ’15.
    John S. Pope, father of Shannon K. Pope Bukta ’92 and Mary K. Pope ’96.
  • October 2021


    Hon. James M. Bailey '52, brother of the late John J. Bailey '49 and

    Patrick S. Bailey '58

    Joseph M. Collins '60

    Dr. Arthur P. Copek '60

    Joseph T. FitzSimmons '64, brother of Dr. Brendan H. Fitzsimmons '75

    Walter Gluszek '71

    Arnell Harris '91

    Thomas F. Herold '65

    Matthew S. Malec, III '77, brother of Suzanne E. Malec-McKenna,
    Ph.D. '85

    Paul R. Moran '59

    Walter S. Orzechowski '75

    James A. Reilly '59

    Joseph R. Rotunno '46

    George P. Schmieder '55

    Edward J. Walsh '51
    James K. Zerkel '57

    Nicoline M. Shields, wife of Thomas C. Shields '59; mother of Nicoline M. Shoffer '95 and Suzanne Shields Browne '97
    Patrick Boyle, father of Kathryn Callahan; father-in-law of Eugene Callahan '88; grandfather of Eugene '16, Patrick '18, Declan '20, Aidan '21, and Emmett '25
    Richard Drott, father of Amy E. Drott '91
    Susan J. Fleming, wife of Thomas J. Fleming '78
    Catherine Wilson, mother of Amanda Resch Glascott '92
    Patrick J. King, father of Brendan G. King '82 , Brian M. King '82, and Kevin King '78
    Charles Krasnewich, grandfather of Charles R. Krasnewich '24
    Anne C. Whealan, wife of the late James A. Whealan '57, sister-in-law of Emmett J. Whealan '54, aunt of Kelly Whealan George '84 and Erin Whealan Mayorga '93
    Nora P. McGing, mother of the late John '71, Kevin '72, Joseph '74; grandfather of Sean '06, Sheila '08, Joseph '09, Kevin '12 and Thomas '17
    Daniel Charles Murray, father of Michaela A. Murray '90 and Tyler C. Murray '91
    Maria Priebe, wife of Col. Craig Priebe '71
    Mary Jo Rangel, wife of Vincent E. Rangel '63; mother of Dr. Jennifer Rangel Selke '86
    Mary Scannell-Zunic, mother of Daniel F. Scannell '76 and Thomas J. Scannell '79; grandmother of Margaret A. Scannell '07, Patrick D. Scannell '07, Joseph P. Scannell '09, Mary C. Scannell '12, Rosemary V. Scannell '16, Billy T. Scannell '17, and Alice Scannell '19
  • September 2021


    Richard P. "Dick" Curtin '54, father of Brian '82 (Michelle Hanson Curtin '82), John '80, Kevin '87; grandfather of Jennifer Curtin '06,
    Brian Curtin '08, and Sean Curtin '11.

    Charles F. Ellermann '45

    D. Wallace "Wally" Enright '52

    Dr. Edward W. Gresik '57

    Kevin B. Herbert '40

    Robert E. Kerksick '49

    Robert A. Loll '56

    Mark A. Mutuc '01 (March 15, 2020)

    Br. Richard W. Shea, CSC '46

    Joseph F. Small '46

    Matthew V. Vaccarello '79

    Thomas J. Welsh, III '48, father of Jane E. Welsh '86 and the late

    Thomas J. Welsh, IV '77 


    Jeanne Pesola
    , sister of Richard J. Flashing '56

    Fr. John J. Foley, S.J., former teacher

    Joan R. Galullo, grandmother of Angelina Galullo '20, Sofia Galullo '23, and Joey Galullo '25

    Anne C. Whealan, wife of the late James A. Whealan '57, sister-in-law of Emmett J. Whealan '54, aunt of Kelly Whealan
    George '84 and Erin Whealan Mayorga '93

    Anne Latko, mother of Saint Ignatius Principal, Brianna Latko

    Peter R. Vermylen, father of Michael Vermylen
  • August 2021


    John G. AJohn P. Coan '48 
    dolf '50

    Emil C. Cici '59

    Miguel A. Cisneros '20, brother of Joel Cisneros '24.

    Louis P. Daddezio, Jr. '53

    Jerome Devane '52 

    Eugene M. Narsete '39 

    John F. O'Connell '45 

    Robert E. 'Bob' O'Leary '56, brother of the late John 'Jack' O'Leary '54.

    Robert S. O'Neil ’53 

    Addison H. Ryan '60 

    Robert J. Sendziak '51

    Waldemar "Wally" B. Stack ’49

    John N. Tierney ’61, son of the late Cyril W. Tierney ’16 and brother of James M. Tierney ’61.

    Paul E. Tobin ’50 

    Richard Vogt '47 

    Robert J. Walsh ’47, father of Robert V. Walsh, Jr. ’77.

    James R. Wojcik '58

    Philip J. Wolff '52, brother of Bruno B. Wolff, Jr. '52.
    Charles Albert DelGrande, father of Mary DelGrande '06.
    Catherine R. Mauro, sister of August 'Gus' Mauro '67.
    Nancy Newberry, the mother-in-law of Matt Sparapani, Saint Ignatius faculty member 2005 - present.
    Andy Viravec, former Saint Ignatius administrator - 1985-91
  • July 2021

    Michael J. Adams ’48
    Alvin J. Amschler ’47
    Thomas A. Bacci ’68, brother of Col. Renato P. Bacci, Jr. ’65.
    James P. Barri ’71
    John Patrick Callan ’50
    Jeffrey I. Calloway ’71
    James A. Finnegan '53
    Theodore "Ted" Gailan ’70
    William Hagerty ’52, brother of the late John F. Hagerty ’37 and the late Thomas J. Hagerty ’38.
    Joseph B. Jann ’49
    Guy Mason '80
    Sam G. Mosillami ’70
    Thomas H. Peck ’50
    George E. Phoenix ’51
    James L. Sandrik ’56
    Timothy Snyder ’86, brother of Jason B. Snyder ’87.
    Robert J. White '46
    Edward O. Wood III ’46
    Lawrence "Larry" P. Yakutis ’65, father of Jessica A. McCarihan ’96, Kristen J. Yakutis ’96 and Norah E. Hudon-Russo ’01.
    Jerome J. "Jerry" Zavadil ’52
    JoAnn Landon, wife of James C. Landon, III ’56.
    Maureen R. Lyons, sister of the late Bernard E. Lyons '51.
    Donalene Poduska, wife of Dr. Donald M. Poduska, Ph.D. ’52.
    Jack Ruane, brother of Joseph L. Ruane ’51.
    Margaret Walsh, mother of Michael Walsh ’68, George Walsh ’72, William Walsh ’77, Matthew Walsh ’79, Cathy (Walsh) Crawford ’81; mother-in-law of the late Edwin "Ted" Crawford ’70; grandmother of Matthew Walsh ’11.
    Armanda Zanichelli-Russo, grandmother of Anna Russo ’12 and
    Anthony F. Russo, Jr. ’14.
  • June 2021

    Monique S. Bell ’99, sister of Danielle D. Bell ’03 and Felicia D. Bell ’96.
    Deacon Jay H. Janousek '44
    Francis E. Mazza ’44
    Robert Monzo, Jr. ’74
    William J. Parrillo, Sr. ’46, grandfather of William J. Parrillo ’14.
    Hon. James F. Stack ’49
    William M. Webb ’53, grandfather of Luke Hunneke ’19, Ryan H. Hunneke ’21, Sarah B. Hunneke ’23.
    Jack Brosnan, father of John F. Brosnan ’78, Tom Brosnan ’81, Mary Brosnan Daniel ’82, Gerard Brosnan ’83, Patrick Brosnan ’84, Maria Brosnan ’86; grandfather of Christian Brosnan ’14 and Olivia Brosnan ’22
    Diane Deering, mother of Douglas P. Deering ’07 and Jonathan R. Deering ’09
    Maureen S. Gallagher, mother of Mary Eileen Gallagher Nomellini ’92
    Dr. Barbara Mary Witczak Hartnett, wife of Michael W. Hartnett ’64
    Salina D. Hopkins, sister of Seletta E. Goodall-Nichols ’91, Barbara Goodall Meschino ’93, Dr. Perpetua T. Goodall ’93; aunt of Gabriela I. Meschino ’20 and Antonio R. Meschino ’23
    Shari H. Kertez, mother of Kate Kertez Mraz '00 and Michael W. Kertez '09
    Peter Michael Martino, step-father of Courtney A. Thompson ’85, Peter Thompson ’86, and Patrick Thompson ’87
    Linda Murray, mother of Malik Murray ’92.
    Geraldine M. Picchietti, wife of Dr. John L. Picchietti ’46 and mother of Joan A. Zajeski ’84.
    Robert R. Yost, brother of Emery Joseph ‘Joe’ Yost ’82 and John F. Yost ’84.
  • May 2021


    Michael P. Callahan ’65
    Donald D. Clark ’43
    William M. Dillon ’49, brother of the late John M. Dillon ’53 and James P. Dillon ’55.
    Thomas J. Schaffer ’76
    John "Jack" M. White ’48, father of Terry White ’78.
    Margaret C. Balestri, mother of Joseph A. Balestri ’73.
    Kevin Barron, husband of Maura; father of Mary Kate ’17, Sean ’19, Ronan ’23, and Emmett (a 7th grade student at Keller Regional Gifted Center); and uncle of Fiona ’23, Michael ’24, and Maeve ’25 Gawne.
    Jack Brosnan, father of John F. Brosnan ’78, Tom Brosnan ’81, Mary Brosnan Daniel ’82, Gerard Brosnan ’83, Patrick Brosnan ’84, Maria Brosnan ’86; grandfather of Christian Brosnan ’14 and Olivia Brosnan ’22.
    Marie Kilroy, mother of Pat ’75, Joe ’79, Gerry ’80, Ed ’81 and Siobhain Kilroy Treacy ’83, grandmother of Mairead ’13, Grainne ’15 & John Joe ’17 Kilroy.
    Maureen Ann McMahon, sister of Paul M. McMahon ’83, aunt of Seamus P. McMahon ’12 and Fiona M. McMahon ’14.
    John Bramley Oldershaw, M.D., JD, Captain MC USN (retired), father of Jane F. Oldershaw McCrea '80.
    Martin "Marty" Ozinga III, grandfather of Jack D. Ozinga ’24.
    Mary Vaccarello, mother of Matthew V. Vaccarello ’79.
  • April 2021


    John B. Ehret ’47, brother of Capt. James D. Ehret 1951.
    Joseph R. Heimoski '54
    Kenneth L. Koestner '65 
    Frank Bellucci, former staff member.
    Linda Foley, wife of Robert L. Foley ’52.
    Michael V. Garvey, father of Deborah Garvey, PhD '85, Noelle '86 and Lisa Garvey. Mike was uncle to Dr. Timothy Garvey ‘85, Julie Garvey Davis '86 & Marc Davis ‘86, and James Garvey '87; and great-uncle of Elijah ‘20, Jadon ‘21 & Noah ‘22 Davis, and Madeline ‘15, Emma ‘17, Matthew ‘20 & Kevin '22 Garvey.
    Dennis E. Glossa, father of Duane D. Glossa ’81 and Victoria A. Glossa ’82.
    Martha Laughlin, wife of David A. Laughlin ’46, sister in law of Jack P. Laughlin ’53, grandmother of Jack C. Rhyner ’23.
    Jerry Ranalli, father of Jerry Ranalli, Jr. ’83 and grandfather of Nina A. Ranalli ’22.
    Michael F. Schubert, father of Martin Schubert ’02.
    James Serritella, father of Anthony Serritella ’02.
    George E. Stewart, father of Tammy Stewart Dragel '84.
  • March 2021


    Lt. Col. Donald P. Devine ’43
    Richard H. Driehaus ’60, cousin of Robert J. Rea ’60 and the late Thomas L. Rea ’58.
    Thomas L. Keck ’55, brother of the late William S. Keck ’53.
    Dr. Charles P. Lazzara ’60.
    Sister Therese DeCanio OP, teacher at Saint Ignatius between 1980 and 2010. 
    Patricia J. Doruska, wife of Jerry F. Doruska ’51.
    James Hickey, grandfather of Colin Drohan ’11.
    Eugenio Mollo, father of Francina Mollo Engstrom ’95 and Mario Mollo ’90.
    Margaret Kassner, wife of Mark Kennedy ’71.
    Lawrence McCarthy, Sr., father of Gerald S. McCarthy ’80.
    Diane Menchetti, mother of Dr. Bruce M. Menchetti, Ph.D. ’72 and David B. Menchetti ’77; grandmother of Cecilia R. Menchetti ’07 and Quinn C. Menchetti ’09.
    Marcel J. Molins, father of Dr. Nicole M. Nash ’88 and Thomas N. Molins, J.D. ’85.
    Catherine "Terry" Trapp, mother of George J. Trapp ’68 and the late James M. Trapp ’71; grandmother of Erin Cunniff Childs ’95, Megan Cunniff Church ’96, Kathleen Cunniff Ori ’98, Mary Eileen Wells ’01, Luke K. Cunniff ’10; great-grandmother of Rory K. Church ’25.
  • February 2021


    Charles G. "Chuck" Davidson '60

    Chuck F. Giampa '60 (June 2018)

    Donald "Don" Hartz '50, brother of the late Robert E. Hartz '55; father of Mark T. Hartz '82 and Donald A. Hartz '84.

    Rev. Richard J. "Dick" Murphy, S.J. '48, brother of the late William E. "Bill" Murphy '49.

    Thomas L. "Tom" Rea '58, brother of Robert J. "Bob" Rea '60 and cousin of Richard H. Driehaus '60.

    Thomas M. "Tom" Reade '63

    John L. Sherlock '65

    Bernard D. "Bernie" Sir '56

    Vanessa Jayne Kimber Stevens '94

    John Joseph James Sullivan '48

    Dr. Christopher Wuertz '76, son of the late Pete Wuertz '53 and brother of Dr. Peter Wuertz '78.
    Matthew L. Colnon, father of Erin R. Colnon '05, Cory F. Colnon '09, and Elizabeth W. Colnon '11.
    Gilbert C. "Chiefie" Delgado, father of Alexandra Delgado Caron '04 and Elizabeth Delgado '07.

    Mario Fierro, fiancé of Amy R. Gembara '10.

    Hon. Francis A. Gembala, father of Claire Gembala Nass '88 and
    Justine Gembala Skawski '92.
    Daniel E. Martin, husband of Madonna J. Ryan '83.
    Lucille Bauman Ronan, wife of Dr. James A. Ronan, Jr. '49.
    Joseph "Joe" Vaccarello, father of Matthew V. "Matt" Vaccarello '79.
  • January 2021

    James F. "Blackie" Blackburn, Jr. ’49.
    John A. Briatta ’54, brother-in-law of Dr. Michael L. Rosinia, Sr. ’49 and cousin of Salvatore J. Lato ’54.
    Donald R. Downing ’47.
    Dr. Edward G. Feldmann ’48 (Aug. 2019).
    Patrick J. Harney ’76, brother of Timothy L. Harney ’77, father of James P. Harney ’10 and Mary E. Harney ’14.
    Thomas J. Laughran ’58
    Joseph A. Moschiano ’63
    Sean F. Neidhart ’96, son of Frank K. Neidhart ’58 and sister of Rita J. Neidhart Kahn ’90.
    Dr. Zenon Michael ‘Mike’ Prane, Jr. DDS ’63, brother of Ralph L. Prane ’67.
    Jessie Ramirez, Jr. ’92, brother of Tomas A. Ramirez ’84, Patricia
    Ramirez-Flores ’87, Kristina Ramirez Lugo ’00 and the late Marco A. Ramirez.
    William F. Reilly ’52, brother of James T. Reilly ’56.
    John E. Schmidt ’46, brother of William J. Schmidt ’41 and the late Dr. Paul J. Schmidt ’49.
    Vincent J. Sheridan ’45, brother of the late Eugene ‘Gene’ P. Sheridan ’48 and uncle of John E. Sheridan ’75.
    Peter M. Wuertz ’53, father of Dr. Christopher Wuertz ’76 and Dr. Peter Wuertz, Jr. ’78.
    Family of Alumni & Friends of the School
    Constance L. Brabec, sister of Thomas E. Brabec ’73 and John F. Brabec ’77, aunt of Sara M. Brabec ’04, Maureen E. Brabec ’08,
    Matthew J. Kepes ’08, Edward M. Kepes ’10 and Amy L. Brabec ’11
    Marjorie C. "Marge" Burke, wife of Donald A. Burke ’47.
    Monique Coyne, wife of Thomas E. Coyne ’51.
    Rodolfo N. "Rudy" Cuasay, father of Jennifer Cuasay Waldinger ’91.
    Susan E. Gorski, wife of Thomas Gorski ’63.
    George A. Jasinski, grandfather of George Jasinski ’02, David Jasinski ’05 and Gabrielle K. Jasinski ’09.
    Michael Kohn, father of Max I. Kohn ’79 and the late Bernard Kohn ’81.
    Mary Lou Schellin Linnen, mother-in-law of Anne Baal (Joe) Linnen ’89; grandmother of Colin R. Linnen ’21 and William P. Linnen ’21.
    Floyd Glenn Miller, father of Leisl Miller Orenic ’87, Andrew Miller ’89, and John Miller.
    Mary Dolores Wall Murphy, daughter of the late John C. Wall '24; mother of Robert A. Murphy '70, the late Timothy J. Murphy '72, Dr. Peter M. Murphy, DDS '80, Matthew J. Murphy '82, and Brian Murphy '87; grandmother of Kathleen A. Houtsma Herber '97 and Suzanna C. Houtsma Moorhead '03.
    Rev. Charles W. "Chuck" Niehaus, S.J.
    Pauline Burns Quan, daughter of the late George D. Newhart ’19, sister of Bob Newhart ’47, niece of the late Donald Newhart ’22.
    Marco A. Ramirez, brother of Tomas A. Ramirez ’84, Patricia Ramirez-Flores ’87, the late Jessie J. Ramirez ’92 and Kristina Ramirez Lugo ’00.
    Rev. James F. Riley, S.J., former member of the Board of Trustees.
    Joseph M. Scheidler, father of Eric J. Scheidler ’84, Joseph M. Scheidler ’85, Peter M. Scheidler ’87, Catherine A. Scheidler Miller ’91, Annie L. Scheidler Casselman ’93, Sarah M. Scheidler ’96, and Matthias J. Scheidler ’00.
    Ronald J. Sturm, father of Ronald W. Sturm ’06.
    Raymond J. Zmaczynski, father of John J. Zmaczynski ’91 and Mary Anne Zmaczynski ’89.
  • December 2020


    Carl L. Bibbs '74, father of Christopher L. Bibbs '18.

    Robert "Bob" L. Buckley '55

    William P. "Bill" Dargan '48, brother of Thomas M. Feeley '55, uncle of Karen E. Feeley '82, Kevin P. Feeley '85, Patricia A. Feeley '88, and Barbara Feeley '88.

    Francis "Frank" E. O'Brien '53

    Albert J. Starshak '51, brother of Dr. Thomas J. Starshak '48 (Dec'd) and Joseph B. Starshak '63; uncle of Albert L. Starshak '09, Clare K. Starshak '02, Sarah E. Starshak '04, and William C. Starshak '08; grandfather of Kathryn M. Starshak '21 and Aine E. Starshak '23.

    Family of Alumni & Friends of the School

    Joan Angelini, mother of John Angelini '75 and Mark Angelini '76.

    Scott Cedergren, son of Don Cedergren and brother of Brian Cedergren.

    Ronald Richard Janssen, son-in-law of the late Joseph R. Guido '53, brother-in-law of Wendy Guido McCarthy '84 and uncle of Jessica McCarthy Kelleher '06 and Abigail E. McCarthy '17.

    Gary Kalinsky, husband of Keri (McQuillan) '84, and father of Julia '21, Claire '17, and Alexander.

    Judy A. Lucas, mother of Charlie Lucas '04.

    Mary Friar Moutvic, wife of Dr. Richard "Dick" G. Moutvic '51.

    Josephine (Jody) Movrich, mother of Carl J. Movrich '60 and Wayne J. Movrich '61, grandmother of Emily L. Monnelly '96 and Joellen M. Mendoza '88.

    Francis O'Connor, father-in-law of Jeni (Reilly) O'Connor '93.

    Dr. Mary Lidia Klodnycky Procyk, wife of Dr. George Procyk '63, mother of Kalyna '93, Daniel '97 and Stephanie '00, grandmother of Alexandria '19 and Audrey '23.

    Peggi Steinhauer Rohlfing, mother of Megan Rohlfing Mcmahon '05.
  • November 2020

    Mark P. Burns ’52

    James J. Garvey '61

    James A. Geraghty '45, brother of the late Dr. Michael A. Geraghty '48 and the late Patrick J. Geraghty '46.

    Joseph J. Gorski, Jr. ’46

    Edward J. "Bud" Hudon '38, brother of the late Francis J. Hudon '42.

    Jerome "Jerry" P. O'Connor '49, brother of the late Dr. Joseph S. O'Connor '52, the late D. Michael O'Connor '58, and the late Dr. Paul C. O'Connor '56.

    Robert C. Oswald '55

    Rev. Edward J. "Ned" Reidy, CSC '54, brother of Robert E. Reidy '63 and the late William E. Reidy '49 and uncle of Kathryn Reidy '94, Brendan P. Reidy '97, Kerry Reidy '00 and Laura Jeanne Reidy '06.

    James W. Sheehan Jr. ‘52


    Henrietta Tapia Castillo, sister of Ildephonse J. 'Butch' Dorado '53 and grandmother of Anthony Didato ’85, Alexander A. Didato ’85, Lisa C. Nelis ’96 and Luke Nelis, II ’99.

    Ann Louise Connelly, Grandmother of Martin M. O'Connor ’14.

    Patrick Crotty, Father of John P. Crotty ’96.

    Janice M. Hinsdale, mother of Dr. James G. Hinsdale '67, Bill Hinsdale '68, Timothy F. Hinsdale '71, Thomas J. Hinsdale, (Dec'd) '74, John K. Hinsdale '81, Matthew R. Hinsdale '81, Michael G. Hinsdale '81, and grandmother of Philip A. Hinsdale '96, Victoria A. Robb '98, and Peter A. Hinsdale '99.

    Gary Kalinsky, husband of Keri McQuillan Kalinsky ’84 and father of Julia ’21.

    Dr. Betty Hogg Pittman, mother of Dr. Jeannine E. Hogg ’87.

    Dr. Charles A. Janda, BS, DDS, MD, MEd. '43.

    Christina "Chris" M. Morkin, Mother of Hannah ’14 and Madeline ’18.

    Mary Infantino, mother of Francis Rosinia ’78 and Michael Rosinia ’80.

    Ruth Pauly, wife of Jim Pauly ’50.

    Joanne Marie Planek, mother of father of former Saint Ignatius Athletic Director, John Planek.Nancy Joan (nee Kelly) Schuba, mother of Chris Schuba ’71.
  • October 2020


    Francis R. Higgins '42

    Martin B. Lowery '44

    Dr. Giancarlo Piano '74, father of Gian Piano '09.

    John E. Pouliot '54

    Rev. Edward J. "Ned" Reidy, CSC '54, brother of Robert E. Reidy '63 and the late William E. Reidy '49 and uncle of Kathryn Reidy '94, Brendan P. Reidy '97, Kerry Reidy '00 and Laura Jeanne Reidy '06.


    Henry Roy Foster, Jr., father of Kevin C. Foster '82.

    Fr. Matthew T. Gamber S.J., former scholastic at Saint Ignatius 1988 – 1991.

    Margaret J. "Peg" Gombas, mother of Christopher J. Gombas '91.

    Dolores V. Greabe (May 2020), mother of Prof. John M. Greabe '81, Mary Clare Greabe Bonaccorsi '82, Elizabeth Greabe Antony '84 and Katie Greabe Mick '87 and grandmother of Sarah Bonaccorsi '12 and Andrea Bonaccorsi '12.

    Vincent E. Hillery, father of Luiza G. Hillery '21, Alina Hillery and Melania Hillery.

    Richard Bartholomew Lewan, father of Dr. Richard B. Lewan, Jr. '71.

    Sister Mary Ann O'Ryan, O.S.B., aunt of Stephen J. Lombardo, III '92, Michael K. Lombardo '93, Elizabeth Lombardo Stark '96 and Christina Lombardo Vrabel '97.

    Robert J. Peters, father of Amelia L. Peters '92.

    Diana K. Somrek, wife of Robert L. Somrek '66.

    Susan W. Sparapani, mother of Matthew Sparapani, Saint Ignatius faculty member 2005 – present.

    Brigitte "Mimi" Warning Treumann, mother of John-David Treumann '85 and Julie Treumann '86.
  • September 2020


    Robert Stephen Austenfeld '56

    Philip Ambrose Doran Sr. '58, father of the late Philip A. Doran, Jr. '84, Edmund S. Doran '88, Margaret Doran Pezza '92 and Elizabeth Doran Sheedy '95.

    Dr. William (Bill) Gordon, M.D. '51, brother of Philip K. Gordon '53.

    Edward J. Grimmer '44 (Nov. 2019).

    Richard G. Iaffaldano '51

    Honorable Donald Edward Joyce '48

    Charles A. Ludwig '62 (Jan. 2020).

    Pablo C. Marroquin '90

    Michael John Moseley '70, brother of Brian J. Moseley '73.

    Fred D. Nosal '52 (Feb. 2019), brother of Dr. Roger Nosal, MD '53.

    Joseph P. Rowan '60, brother of Gerard T. Rowan '63 and son of the late Joseph P. Rowan '31.

    Robert F. Tuohy '65 (Jan. 2018)

    Joseph A. Twine '83

    Stanley Vanagunas '56, brother of Dr. Arvydas D. Vanagunas '65.

    John Henry Weithers '86, brother of Maggie Weithers McNamara '92, Christopher T. Weithers '95 and the late Jeremy R. Weithers '98 and brother-in-law of Christopher P. McNamara '92.

    Stephen M Wendt, Sr. '58.


    Devora Budnick, wife of Dr. David D. Casalino '83 and mother of Kaila Casalino '17.

    Margaret K. "Peggy" Callahan, great aunt of Eugene Callahan '88 and Daniel F. Callahan '94.

    Angelo Robert "Harpo" Catizone, father of Ralph Catizone '85 and Mary Rose Catizone Varveris '88.

    Rev. Leon Finney, father of Kristin Finney-Cooke '88.

    David E. Gardner, father-in-law of Marilynn Kelly Gardner '84 and grandfather of Madeline A. Gardner '21 and Katherine M. Gardner '23.

    Mary Therese "Therese" Goldrick, wife of the late John T. Goldrick '42, mother of Michael J. Goldrick '70, Thomas A. Goldrick '72, Joseph S. Goldrick '75, John L. Goldrick '85, mother-in-law of Steven P. Gallagher '67 and grandmother of Joseph P. Goldrick '00, Thomas J. Goldrick '03, Michael J. Carey, III '05, Daniel F. Goldrick '06, James P. Goldrick '06, Anne K. McDonell '07, Carson E. Goldrick '18 and Georgia A. Goldrick '18

    Grace Gonzalez, mother of the late Michael W. Gonzalez '73, Richard A. Gonzalez '69 and grandmother of Diana Gonzalez Sorich '88, Raquel Gonzalez Lopez '89 and Giselle D. Gonzalez '07.

    Patrick M. Laughran Jr, brother of Thomas J. Laughran '58.

    John (Jack) Redmond Macnamara, father of Meghan Macnamara Halleron '90, Coleen A. Macnamara '91, Kathleen P. Macnamara Peterson, Daniel Macnamara '02 and Patrick Macnamara '02.

    Deacon Willie Martin, father-in-law of Pamela Reed Martin '83.

    Silvia G. Martinez, mother of current Boys' Waterpolo Coach at Saint Ignatius, Luis A. Martinez '99.

    Daniel J. Moutvic, son of Dr. Richard G. Moutvic, MD '51.

    Jane O'Connor, wife of the late Dr. Joseph S. O'Connor, MD '52 and sister-in-law of Jerome P. O'Connor '49, the late Dr. Paul C. O'Connor '56 and the late D. Michael O'Connor '58.

    Marilyn Strobel, mother of Todd Strobel, Saint Ignatius faculty member 2008 - present.

    Denise Ann (Sullivan) Walls, mother of Carol Ann Walls Sandell '84, John Walls '85, James K. Walls '88, Lynn Walls Lynch '97 and Laura D. Walls Ustach '98.
  • August 2020

    James C. Arena '70, brother of Alan J. Arena '68.
    Robert J. Beranek '56 (Oct. 2019)
    Arthur J. DePalma '55 (Aug. 2019), brother of Jerome A. DePalma '62.
    Michael Francis Donohoe '67
    Phillip A. Falbo '64 (June 2016)
    John M. Hossa '73 (2019)
    Ronald M. Hrubecky '53 (June 2017)
    Robert K. Kelty '50 (Sept. 2019)
    Eugene M. Kloss '49 (2018)
    Robert G. Martin '55, grandfather of Meghan Martin '08, Robert Martin III '10, Colleen Martin '11, Ryan Martin '13, Billy Martin '13, Trey Johnson '18, James Johnson '19 and Thomas Johnson '21.
    Sarah Anne McCafferty '06
    Thomas More Miller '84
    Dr. Jerome Leo Murphy '51, father of Eileen Murphy McGuire '88, Katherine Murphy '89, Jim Murphy '90, Anne Murphy Brown '93 and Bill Murphy '94.
    Donald J. O'Brien '52 (April 2020).
    Martin Thomas Ronan '57, brother of Dr. James A. Ronan, Jr. '49.
    Daniel B. Benoit, father of Sheila M. Benoit '84.
    Viola May Dobrovits (Aug. 2019), mother of William J. Dobrovits '72 and the late Robert C. Dobrovits '70.
    Margaret (Peg) Gorski (June 2019), wife of Joseph J. Gorski, Jr. '46.
    James ("Jim") Henry Kallianis, grandfather of current staff member at Saint Ignatius, Patricia Rojek.
    Loretta Kosiek, former staff member at Saint Ignatius 1990-2013.
    Denise LaDolce, loving friend and partner for over 30 years of the late Thomas McAuliffe '53.
    Sirchester Wiley Jackson, husband of Kimberly R. Leonard Jackson ’99 and brother-in-law of Georgi G. Leonard Bradley ’07.
    Mary Elizabeth Schmittgens, mother of former Saint Ignatius faculty member, David Schmittgens.
    Patrick Louis Tedeski, grandson of the late John R. Tedeski '60.
    William Anthony Widmer, Sr. '43 (Nov. 2018). 
  • July 2020

    Thomas Rowan Adams, Jr. '43
    Ronald W. Knaus '53 (July 18, 2017)
    Donald L. McKittrick '48 Feb. 2018)
    Martin T. Ronan '57
    Jeremiah M. Toomey '38 (April 2018)
    Kevin J. Walsh '66 (Sept. 2019), brother of Patrick J. Walsh '65, Denis F. Walsh '67 and the late Deacon Joseph A. Walsh '62.
    Daniel C. Blankenheim, father of Michael R. Blankenheim '99.
    Clare A. Heraty, wife of Francis M. 'Fran' Heraty '46, mother of Kevin Heraty '74 and Jack Heraty '75, grandmother of Jack McClure '11, Marty McClure '12, Molly McClure '14, Colin McClure '16, Andrew Park '12, Matthew Park '12 and Emmy Park '15.
    Patrick B. McDonnell '52 (2017)
    Rose Mary Sifferman, wife of Thomas R. Sifferman, Ph.D. '59 and sister-in-law of Donald J. Sifferman '55 (June 2019).
  • June 2020


    Rev. Floyd L. Crider '67 (January 15, 2018).
    Kevin Patrick Dunagan '63, brother of Dr. David D. Dunagan, DDS '56 and the late Lt.Col. Clarence M. Dunagan (Dec'd) '51.
    Leland C. Fay '89, brother of Gibson Fay-LeBlanc '92.
    Michael Fitzpatrick '62
    Hon. Thomas Edward Flanagan (Ret.) '54.
    Paul P. Leo '47, brother of Joseph N. Leo '51.
    Kenneth A. Malatesta '64, brother of John V. Malatesta '61 and uncle of Saint Ignatius staff member, Joseph Malatesta.
    Hon. Robert S. Molaro '68, father of Samuel E. Molaro '96, Robyn Molaro King '97 and Michael P. Molaro '02.
    Joseph Edward Morrissey '53, brother of Leo Joseph Morrissey '54, brother of Hon. George Michael Morrissey '59, uncle of Melisa Morrissey Schneider '90, Meghan Morrissey '96, and Colleen Morrissey Govekar '98.
    Richard G. "Spike" Siegel '68, brother of Robert C. Siegel '64, Raymond Siegel, John P. Siegel '71, Charles W. Siegel '75 and uncle of Elizabeth C. Siegel Bushman '04.
    John 'Jack' W. Tuohy '50, grandfather of Sean W. Schumann '17.
    Eileen A. Claussen, wife of Joseph M. Claussen '63 and sister-in-law of David M. Claussen '67.
    Daniel G. Cunningham, father of Daniel J. Cunningham '81, Dr. Ellen Cunningham Morgan '82, John B. Cunningham '88 and Margaret C. Cunningham '95 and brother-in-law of Bruno F. Bertucci '63.
    Daniel C. Blankenheim, father of Michael R. Blankenheim '99.
    Yuat Eng-Moy, grandmother of Christopher P. Brunner '07.
    Clifford A. Grammich, father of Clifford A. Grammich, Jr. '81 and Theresa Grammich Caraballo '83.
    Diane Lynne Kozicki, grandmother of Deirdre Kozicki '16, Cormac Kozicki '18 and Maeve Kozicki '20.
    Christel Katharina Kühne, the beloved grandmother of Allegra F. Ehrfeld '15 and Miro F. H. Ehrfeld '17.
    Daniel Thomas Murphy, grandfather of Kelly Turek Schultz '06, Nora K. Turek '09 and Jack M. Turek '10.
    Charles P. "Chuck" Planek, father of former Saint Ignatius Athletic Director, John Planek.
    Mary Kay Wuertz, wife of Peter M. Wuertz '53 and mother of Dr. Christopher Wuertz, MD '76 and Dr. Peter Wuertz, MD. '78.
  • May 2020

    John (Jack) Gordon Forsythe II '65
    William J. McKeown '49 (Jan. 8, 2020), brother of Joseph P. McKeown '59 and uncle of Dr. Caroline McKeown Dutnall '90.
    Joseph B. Miniatas '56 (Dec. 22, 2016).
    Anthony J. Tantillo '58
    John R. Tedeski '60
    John A. Barrett, Jr., father of John A. Barrett, III '95 and David F. Barrett '00.
    Rosemarie T. Brindza, sister of Paul C. Bisceglia '65 and Joseph G. Bisceglia '66.
    Nancy Lee Conley, wife of James L. Conley '47.
    Daniel G. Cunningham, father of Daniel J. Cunningham ’81, Dr. Ellen Cunningham Morgan ’82, John B. Cunningham ’88 and Margaret C. Cunningham ’95 and brother-in-law of Bruno F. Bertucci ’63

    James T. Day,
    father of James D. Day '95 and Michael T. Day '98.
    Jospeh D. Fitzgerald, father of Jennifer L. Fitzgerald '90 and Amy Fitzgerald '94.
    Dolores V. Greabe, mother of mother of Prof. John M. Greabe '81, Mary Clare Greabe Bonaccorsi '82, Elizabeth Greabe Antony '84 and Katie Greabe Mick '87 and grandmother of Sarah Bonaccorsi '12 and Andrea Bonaccorsi '12
    Charles Haffner, father of current faculty member, Matt Haffner, and grandfather of Patrick J. Dalton '03 and MaryEileen Dalton '06.
    Michael D. Hughes, father of Michael D. Hughes '78, Colette A. Hughes '80 and Nell Hughes Cunningham '83.
    Celeste E. Kinsella, wife of the late N. Mark Kinsella '46.
    Diane Kozicki, grandmother of Deirdre Kozicki '16, Cormac Kozicki '18 and Maeve Kozicki '20.
    Patricia A. Martin, wife of Robert W. Martin '53 and sister-in-law of Thomas F. Martin '43.
    Marino A. Michicich, husband of former Saint Ignatius faculty and staff member, Jacquelynn Michicich, father of Mark A. Michicich '83, Paul A. Michicich '84, Monique Michicich Kaiserauer '85, David L. Michicich '87, Matthew J. Michicich '92 and father-in-law of Marjorie Murray Michicich '83.
    Jean Regan, mother of Jean Faragoi Compton '97 and daughter of the late Martin F. Regan '33.
    Michael Schiml, father of Michael N. Schiml '18, Madison E. Schiml '20 and Mathew L. Schiml '23.

    Terese M. Terry,
    wife of John J. Terry '55.
  • April 2020

    James J. Carey '57
    Thomas J. Costello '67
    Robert T. Degnan '67, son of the late Francis J. Degnan '30 and brother of Timothy F. Degnan '58, Patrick F. Degnan '64 and the late Richard F. Degnan '59.
    Patrick E. Maloney '63
    William Monet '77, brother of David Macak '75, Christopher Macak '80 and James G. Macak '81.

    John J. Pauly, Jr. '67 (Aug. 2018), brother of David M. Pauly '71 and son of the late John J. Pauly '40 and nephew of James D. Pauly '50

    Frank Raispis '45,
    brother of the late Joseph J. Raispis '44 and the late Jerome P. Raispis '46.
    Prof. Michael Schmitt '65
    John J. Stec '65
    Jerome S. Wisner '53 (June 2019)

    Jennifer Bartosz, mother of Andrew Bartosz '19
    Joseph P. Cairo, father of Regina Cairo '95 and Elizabeth Cairo Marano '99
    Eugene John Francis Gawlik, former Saint Ignatius faculty member (1962 -'74 and 1981 - '88 ), father of Sara Gawlik Roblee '90, Paul H. Gawlik '92, Joel F. Gawlik '92, Katherine Gawlik '94 and uncle of Mary Therese Gawlik '89 and John P. Gawlik '90
    Laurence Lowell McCarthy, D.D.S, M.S., father-in-law of Linda Maloney McCarthy '84.
    James J. McNamara, father of Kevin J. McNamara '87, John McNamara '88 and ChristopherMcNamara '92, father-in-law of Margaret Weithers McNamara '92 and grandfather of Rose E. McNamara '22 and Joseph R. McNamara '24.
    Rosemary O'Neil
    Mary Jo Spalding, wife of Saint Ignatius former coach, faculty and staff member (1961 - 2004), James I. Spalding, mother of James Pintozzi '82, Cathy Pintozzi Marcotte '84 , Jill Pintozzi Brinkmann '86, JoAnn Spalding Sutor '92, mother-in-law of Mark Brinkmann '77, Darcey Regan '84, Ken Marcotte, Mark Sutor, widow of the late Carmen J. Pintozzi '56, sister-in-law of Charles E. Pintozzi '56, Alvin H. Pintozzi '67 and grandmother of Caelin, Matthew, Ryan, Kevin, Meghan '16, Thomas, Zachary and Patricia.
    Donald Tenbrunsel, grandfather of Dante J. Domenella '15 and Michel Domenella '19.

    Joan Tobin,
    wife of the late Frank A. Tobin '47 and mother of Dr. Frank A. Tobin III, MD ’92 and Martha Tobin ’95.
    Thomas J. Tully, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Tully, Sr. and cousin of Thomas M. Tully '05, Bridget M. Tully '06, Matthew D. Tully '06, Michael Tully '07 and Katherine E. Tully '11.
  • March 2020

    Rev. Ronald H. Anglim '57, cousin of Dr. Thomas E. Anglim, DDS '66.
    Ronald P. Cicinelli '58, father of Elisa Cicinelli '81, Laura Cicinelli Walker '85 and brother of the late Nicholas P. Cicinelli '54 (Dec '19).
    Frank J. Cvach, Jr. '50 (Dec'd 6/30/18).
    Edwin L. Gora, Jr. '66, brother of Robert A. Gora '75, Steven P. Gora '77 and Thomas M. Gora '81.
    Dr. John J. Hurley '45, father of John J. Hurley '72 and grandfather of Caroline M. Hurley '15, Abigail Hurley '19 and Patrick G. Hurley '21 and brother-in-law of the late Henry J. Deiters '46.
    George R. Hyland '60
    James Robert Mueller ’68, father of Nicholas C. Balentine ’16, Michael J. Balentine ’17 and Mary Catherine C. Mueller ’21.
    Jerome Marion Welenc '54
    John E. "Jack" Zimmerman ’50, brother of William H. Zimmerman ’48 (Jan. 2020).

    Mary Ann Conway, mother of James M. Conway '64, Dr. Terrence J. Conway, MD '66 and former Saint Ignatius Board Member and current Regency Board Member, Kevin J. Conway '69 and grandmother of Margaret Conway '99, Ann E. Conway '01, Kathryn L. Conway '02, Patricia C. Conway '04 and Judy E. Conway '06.
    William and Nancy Daitchman, parents of Daniel C. Daitchman '03.
    Rose Garippo, grandmother of William G. Fitzsimmons '12, Anne E. Fitzsimmons '12, Brenna E. Fitzsimmons '17 and Michael R. Fitzsimmons '21.
    Richard J. Kirchberg, father of Michael R. Kirchberg '78 and John P. Kirchberg '80 and grandfather of Caroline M. Kirchberg '18 and John M. Kirchberg '20.
    Grace M. Lusk, wife of the late Richard J. Lusk, Sr. '49, grandmother of Jennifer A. Lusk '06, Grace M. Lusk '08, Maria M. Lusk '10 and Veronica R. Lusk '16 and mother-in-law of Geraldine Hallan Lusk '85.
    Dorothy Reynolds, mother of Patty Walsh, mother-in-law of Daniel J. Walsh '65, grandmother of Margaret Walsh '92 and Brian Walsh '01 and great grandmother of Jack W. Regan '22 and Sarah P. Regan '24.
    Catherine "Katie" Bax Richardson, mother of Judson T. Richardson '13.
    James W. Sassen, father of Patrick J. Sassen '88.
    James E. Spiotto, father of Mary C. Spiotto Sullivan '96.
    Thomas L. Trinley, father of current faculty member, Catherine Trinley, and grandfather of Melissa Trinley Caraher '02, Meghan E. McElroy '09 and Catherine C. McElroy '12.
    Alyce Jane Ulmer, mother of Michael H. Ulmer '72 and Mark H. Ulmer '76.
    Daniel "Danny" J. Vaznonis, father of Nancy J. Vaznonis ’92, Catherine Vaznonis Bosco ’94 and Anne Vaznonis Williams ’95 and father-in-law of Dominic Bosco ’94. 
  • February 2020

    Henry J. "Hank" Deiters '46, brother-in-law of Dr. John J. Hurley '45, grandfather of Eric T. Fiedler '01, Matthew G. Aronson '05, Claire Aronson Jakubisin '07, Timothy E. Fiedler, Jr. '08 and Kathryn E. Aronson '11.
    Jerome A. Dollear '59, father of Timothy J. Dollear '86, Mary Dollear '88 and Steven J. Dollear '92 and grandfather of Kevin F. Dollear '09.
    Thomas P. Edgeworth '52 (January 2020).
    Thomas J. Hinsdale '74, brother of Dr. James G. Hinsdale '67, William P. Hinsdale '68, Timothy F. Hinsdale '71, John K. Hinsdale '81, Matthew R. Hinsdale '81 and Michael G. Hinsdale '81 and uncle of Philip A. Hinsdale '96, Victoria Hinsdale Robb '98 and Peter A. Hinsdale '99.
    Joseph A. Macey '59, father of the late Joseph A. Macey '81 and brother of John J. Macey '63.
    Paul J. Messer, Jr. '53 (Sept. 21, 2014).
    John 'Jack' O'Leary '54, brother of Robert E. O'Leary '56.
    Zachary Edward Perry '06, son of current Saint Ignatius rugby coach, Martin J. Perry and former Board Member, Barbara Perry and brother of Rachel Perry '02 and Grace Perry '08.
    Louis A. Spain '66
    Diane 'Dede' Collins, wife of Marshall J. Collins, Jr. '59.
    Mary Ann Conway, mother of James M. Conway ’64, Dr. Terrence J. Conway, MD ’66 and former Saint Ignatius Board Member and current Regency Board Member, Kevin J. Conway ’69 and grandmother of Margaret Conway ’99, Ann E. Conway ’01, Kathryn L. Conway ’02, Patricia C. Conway ’04 and Judy E. Conway ’06
    Michael T. Kertez, father of Kate Kertez Mraz '00 and Michael W. Kertez '09.
    Patricia "Patsy" Maher, wife of Vincent F. Maher '49 (July 31, 2019).
    Thelma Merchant, mother of Frank J. Merchant '81 and Michael R. Merchant '87.
    Charlie Sullivan, brother of Rose K. Sullivan '21.
    Alyce Jane Ulmer, mother of Michael H. Ulmer '72 and Mark H. Ulmer '76.
  • January 2020

    Daniel R. Cramer '39 (unknown date).

    Henry J. “Hank” Deiters '46, brother-in-law of the late Joseph P. Shannon '39, grandfather of Eric T. Fiedler '01, Matthew G. Aronson '05, Claire Aronson Jakubisin '07, Timothy E. Fiedler, Jr. '08 and Kathryn E. Aronson '11.
    John P. Duffy '51 (Oct. 2012), brother of Cmdr. James F. Duffy, USN (Ret.) '53.
    Anthony L. "Tony" Fontana '60.
    James M. Hayes ’67, brother of the late Jeremiah T. Hayes ’56 .
    Richard A. Keefe '48, son of the late Walter S. Keefe, I 1909, brother of the late Jerome M. Keefe '47, the late William F. Keefe '39, the late Walter S. Keefe II '37 and the late Andrew J. Keefe '36 and father of Richard I. Keefe '70 and Eugene F. Keefe.
    Jerome F. "Jerry" Lukes '41 (Nov. 2000).
    John "Jocko" Muldoon '47, father of John J. Muldoon, III '76, Michael K. Muldoon '78, Sheila M. Muldoon '81, Maureen L. Muldoon '85 and Patrick J. Muldoon '89, father-in-law of Elizabeth Walsh Muldoon '89 and grandfather of Kirby C. Muldoon '15.
    John A. Nickele '72, son of Albert J. Nickele '48.
    Howard E. Vinyard '49.
    Joseph Thomas Wright '41 (Sept. 2019).
    Patricia K. Boyd, mother of William A. Boyd, Jr. '72, Brian A. Boyd '78, Jayne Boyd Griswold '86 and grandmother of Jack Boyd '17.
    Fr. Louis E. Busemeyer, S.J., former faculty, athletic director and staff member 1971-1982 and 1984-1995.
    Jane Armstrong-Byrne, wife of Thomas J. Byrne '50.
    Joseph Ernest Domanico, grandfather of John J. Domanico '03, Michael a. Domanico '06 and Joseph F. Domanico '08.
    Arthur Joseph Evensen, father of current faculty member, Dr. Anthony Evensen.
    Geraldine F. Kostka, mother of David M. Kostka '78, Mitchell J. Kostka '81, James M. Kostka '87 and the late Christopher J. Kostka '83.
    Aron Lankin, father-in-law of Michael P. Duffy '83.
    Robert "Bob" Moore, father of Daniel R. Moore '15 and Allison P. Moore '17 and uncle of Caitlyn Jones Haller '05, Michael J. Jones '07, Sean M. Whitney '10 and Kelly E. Whitney '13.
    Donald K. Nickless, father-in-law of current faculty member, Amanda Nickless.
    Ronald J. Olech, husband of former staff member of 25 years, Ellen H. Olech, father of Sara Anderson, current faculty member, Ronald J. Olech '85, Rachel Olech '87, John F. Olech '89, Ruth M. Olech '94, Stephen K. Olech '96 and James T. Olech '02 and grandfather of Alex F. Haneberg '03, Molly M. Haneberg '06, Daniel E. Anderson '08, Ellen Anderson '10 and Max W. Haneberg '10.

    Jolanta M. Pawlikowski, mother of Beata E. Pawlikowski '85 and mother-in-law of Dr. Andrius T. Tamulis, Ph.D. '85.

    Patrick Salmon, son of John F. Salmon '63 (Nov. 2019).

    Helen I. Schmidt, wife of Francis J. Schmidt '60 (Jan. 2006).

    Florence B. Sikora Yager, mother of the late Thomas E. Sikora '71, mother-in-law of Edward F. Mayer '58 and cousin of Robert E. Bogus '68 and David E. Bennett '73.

    Gerald John Swanson, grandfather of Grant C. Swanson '15, Grace W. Swanson '18, and Katherine W. Swanson '20.

    Sue Griggs Walker, mother of Quest manager, Gary Wagoner.

    Dorothy E. Whealan, wife of Emmett J. Whealan '54, mother of Kelly
    Whealan George '84, Erin L. Whealan '93 and sister-in-law of the late James M. Whealan '57.

    Daniel R. White, son of Robert J. White '46 (March, 2019).
    Diane J. Zmaczynski, mother of John J. Zmaczynski '91 and Mary Anne Zmaczynski '89.
  • December 2019

    Raymond Bauer '53 (February 2011)
    Daniel P. Finley '51 (Summer 2019)

    Michael J. Hayes ’59, father-in-law of Katherine Cronin Hayes ’86 and grandfather of Nora Hayes ’19.

    Henry L. Schultz '50 (February 2019)

    Donald Joseph Shaughnessy, Sr. '49, brother-in-law of the late Michael E. Lynch '50

    Daniel J. Valenti '71, brother of Joseph F. Valenti '65
    Bethany Adamitis, daughter of Donald M. Adamitis '62 and niece of Kenneth G. Adamitis '70 and James R. Adamitis '75.

    Lisa Battaglia, sister of Mark J. Pieroni '81.

    Paul W. Bonoma, father David A. Bonoma '81 and Paul G. Bonoma '83 and grandfather of Grace M. Bonoma '10.

    Fr. Robert J. Bueter, S.J., Principal at Saint Ignatius, 1976-1984.

    Seamus Calkins, son of William F. Calkins '51.

    Marjorie L. Cullen, George J. Cullen '53, mother of Thomas J. Cullen '81 and mother-in-law of Anne Cronin Cullen '83.

    Patricia R. Hallan, mother of Peter J. Hallan '82, Mary Hallan FioRito '83, Geraldine Hallan Lusk '85, Fionna Hallan Wheeler '90, Clare Hallan Rak '91, grandmother of Veronica Lusk '16, Gemma FioRito '19, Lucy FioRito '19 and mother-in-law of Mark Rak '83.

    Shirley Ann Hurta, wife of the late Dr. Donald W. Hurta '57.

    Thomas "Tom" McCarthy, brother-in-law of Wendy Guido McCarthy '84.

    Sheila M. McDermott, sister-in-law of Dr. Kastytis A. Jucas, MD '60 and aunt of Sean M. Jucas '99 and Brian J. Jucas '07.

    Susan Elizabeth O'Connor, daughter of Joseph W. O'Connor '60.

    Harold "Hal" W. Olofsson, father of Thomas J. Olofsson, JD '76, Paula Olofsson Norton '81, Dr. Donald E. Olofsson, USN '82, Hal J. Olofsson '83 and Bill Olofsson '87.

    Helen I. Schmidt, wife of Francis J. Schmidt '60 (January, 2006).
  • November 2019


    Ronald M. Fagan '51
    John P. "Jack" Driscoll, father of Megan Driscoll Trolley '93 and Maura Driscoll Egan '96 and grandfather of Emma Zupko '19.
    William J. Somers (January 2018), father of Virginia Somers '14 and Emma Somers '16.
    Tequilla L. Swain, mother of John Swain Jr. '83 and Johnathan T. Swain '92, mother-in-law of Angela Hilbring Swain '92 and grandmother of Sydney Swain '01 and Morgan Swain '07.
    Howard Thomas, father of Howard Thomas, Jr. '87.
    Henry Craig Voss, father of Nicholas M. Voss '06, Anneliese Voss Starshak '08 and Peter A. Voss '13, and father-in-law of William Starshak '08.
  • October 2019


    Edward L. Daugherty '52
    William T. Geary ’54, grandfather of John J. Vitanovec, IV ’05
    Robert J. "Bob" Keblusek, Sr. '57, brother of the late John E. Keblusek, Jr. '54
    Robert M. McGinty '61
    Luke J. "Jim" Moore '47, father of James F. Moore '75 and brother-in-law of the late Philip "Bud" Rauen '54
    William H. Ptacek '68, brother of John S. Ptacek '60, Thomas J. Ptacek '70 and the late Robert J. Ptacek '63
    Cody M. Shorter '86 
    Juanita Angileri, wife of Jack Angileri '42, mother of Joan Kistner and the late Anthony A. Angileri '66 and mother-in-law of William Kistner '68

    Raymond C. Baumhart, S.J.

    William V. Bidwill Sr., brother of Charles W. Bidwill, Jr. '46
    Andrew Bradie III, father of Dr. Christopher A. Bradie, Ed.D. '88.
    Barbara Ann Harrigan, mother of Dr. Elizabeth Harrigan Isbister, MD '84, Julie Harrigan Wagner '87 and Amy Harrigan '93 and grandmother of Megan E. Mayer '14
    Trudy Short Kelly, wife of Michael J. Kelly '51
    Kazim Nawaz Khan, son of Karamath Khan '84, brother of Kamal N. Khan '11, Kallin Khan '15 and Kaela J. Khan '18 and brother-in-law of Elizabeth Daley Khan '11
    Mary V. (Sissy) Leo, wife of Joseph N. Leo '51 and sister-in-law of Paul P. Leo '47
    Fr. Edward J. Mattimoe, S.J., former faculty member at Saint Ignatius College Prep 1959-1962
    Michael Monnelly, father of Joellen Monnelly Mendoza '88 and Emily Monnelly '96
    Gus T. Nicolopoulos, father of Brian Nicolopoulos '01 and Danny Nicolopoulos '08
    Mary Jo Nyhan, mother of John P. Nyhan '82
    Cara Chantal Parrillo-Hincks, daughter of William J. Parrillo, Sr. '46 and aunt of William J. Parrillo '14 
    Mary Therese Waddick, wife of Richard "Dick" Waddick '51.
  • September 2019


    Anthony A. Bartkus '58, father of Lisa Bartkus Harwood '87 and brother of Aloysius J. Bartkus '60
    Anthony A. Falzone '68, brother of Nicholas R. Falzone ’63
    Frank F. Pipal '45, father of Thomas Pipal '67, Joseph M. Pipal '69 and Frank R. Pipal '71
    Lucinda Rondon-Stanley '84
    Alvin Sheilds '69
    Andrew Bradie, III, father of Dr. Christopher A. Bradie '88
    John F. Cuneo, Jr., friend of Saint Ignatius and benefactor of the Cuneo Chapel of the North American Martyrs at Saint Ignatius.
    Maria Concepcion Garza, mother of Robert Garza '82
    Ada Alicia Girón, mother of Juan M. Girón '78 and Lissie A. Girón '97
    Jacqueline Lato, wife of Salvatore J. Lato '54
    Lorraine Mandolini, wife of Anthony M. Mandolini '50
    Mark Poker, husband of the late Mary Catherine Kloempken Poker '85, and brother-in-law of Dr. Therese Kloempken Hughes '87, Maureen Kloempken Oates '88 and Amy Kloempken Mugherini '94
    Dee Ana Reichmuth, grandmother of Grace S. Lasky '17 and Leo A. Lasky '21
  • August 2019

    Anthony C. Allighen '74 (Sept 2018)
    Fr. Richard W. Anderson, S.J. '52, former faculty and staff member at Saint Ignatius 2007 - 2018
    William "Bill" Barcal Jr. '46
    Robert A. Dlotkowski '59
    Robert E. Epstein '69
    John Frank Gabcik '61
    Dr. Mindaugas L. Griauzde '69, father of Dr. Rima K. Griauzde '00 (Oct. 2016)
    George William "Bill" Groble '53, father of Donald G. Groble '79, Elizabeth Groble Booth '81, Mary Groble Boehland '82 and William J. Groble '84 and Carolyn Groble Richter '90
    John "Jack" Kevin Hickey '58, father of Margaret A. Hickey '82 and grandfather of Alexander A. Ashley '22
    Frederic G. Hogan '65, father of Timothy P. Hogan '93, Colleen Hogan Kelly '96, Katherine Hogan '02, son of the late Donald J. Hogan '38 and brother of the late Donald J. Hogan, Jr. '61
    Richard J. Jakes '69 (Feb. 2018)
    Richard (Dick) Judge, Sr. '52
    US Army Lt. Col. Ret. Ray Mayer '51
    James J. ("Jim") McDonough '51
    Daniel O'Connell Murray '52, brother of the late William H. Murray '50
    Thomas M. O'Hara '60
    John J. Payne '77
    James Jeffrey "Jay" Smat '67
    John P. "Jack" Walsh '52
    Margaret M. 'Peggy' Cariola, grandmother of Theresa M. Cariola '13, Joseph P. Cariola '16 and Claire M. Cariola '21
    Patricia Fox Deiters, sister-in-law of Henry J. Deiters '46
    Corene M. Frick, sister of William C. Cowperthwait '54 and Thomas V. Cowperthwait '64
    Marie T. Lynch, wife of the late Michael F. Lynch '38
    Kathleen A. "Kay" McNamara, mother of John McNamara '83, Brian McNamara '86, Patricia McNamara Walsh '91, Megan McNamara Kenney '95, mother-in-law of Kara Burke McNamara '85 and grandmother of Conor P. McNamara '11, Katherine M. McNamara '14, Nolan B. McNamara
    Robert Anthony Murphy, father of Robert A. Murphy '70, the late Timothy J. Murphy '72, Dr. Peter M. Murphy, DDS '80, Matthew J. Murphy '82 and Brian Murphy '87, grandfather of Kathleen Houtsma Herber '97 and Suzanna Houtsma Moorhead '03 and son-in-law of
    Fr. Robert Charles Thul, S.J., former faculty and staff member at Saint Ignatius 1979-2006
    Anne R. Welch, mother of Richard J. Welch '64
  • July 2019

    Dr. George Robert Blakley, Jr. '50
    Lt. Col. James E. Driscoll '39 (10/3/2018)
    Ronald J. Ellensohn '44, brother of Gerard A. Ellensohn '59
    Dr. Gerald Foley '50, brother of Robert L. Foley '52, John Foley '59, Dr. Kevin Foley '63, the late William E. Foley '49 and the late Thomas V. Foley '53 and the grandfather of Sean F. Budgin '00
    Michael W. Gonzalez '73, father of Giselle D. Gonzalez '07 and brother of Richard A. Gonzalez '69
    Michael G. Kaminski '78, father of Andrew J. Kaminski '18 and brother of Dr. John C. Kaminski '80 and Dorothy Kaminski '81
    Fr. John J."Jack" Kilgallen SJ '52
    Robert Edward McGrath '46
    Br. Kenneth Ignatius Neff '52, brother of the late Ralph A. Neff '48 and brother-in-law of the late Bernard C. Garvey '45
    Patrick John (PJ) Sheehan '49
    Carmen Bertucci, brother of Bruno F. Bertucci '63
    Mary L. Brady, grandmother of Dr. Christopher A. Bradie ’88 
    Nicholas P. Cicinelli, brother of Ronald P. Cicinelli '58 (10/23/2018)
    Timothy John Conroy, father of former faculty and administrator (1994-2007), Brendan Conroy, and grandfather of Nora M. Conroy '08 and Lucy R. Conroy '11
    Carole Ann Flood, wife of William K. Flood '57 and sister-in-law of the late Joseph Flood '61
    Patricia M. Flood, sister-in-law of William K. Flood '57 and the late Joseph F. Flood '61
    Derrick Harris, father of Derrick Harris '19
    Carolyn V. Hogan, wife of the late Donald J. Hogan, Jr. '61, mother of Judy Hogan Lichtenberger '84, daughter-in-law of the late Donald J. Hogan '38 and sister-in-law of Frederic G. Hogan '65
    Robert J. Kennedy, husband of current Saint Ignatius faculty member, Holly Kennedy, father of Alexandra Kennedy Molloy '92 and Colin Kennedy '93, and grandfather of Caroline K. Molloy '20 and John P. Molloy '22
    Nancy Huston Lambur, wife of Dr. James A. Lambur '50, mother of James H. Lambur '76, mother-in-law of John L. Goldrick '85 and grandmother of Rachel C. Lambur '10, Georgia A. Goldrick '18 and Carson E. Goldrick '18
    Joan P. McKenna, sister-in-law of current coach and faculty member, Thomas McKenna, and grandmother of Andrew J. McKenna '05 and Mary A. McKenna '08
    Mary Catherine Morrissey, mother of Stacy Eileen Morrissey Kratz '82 and Maureen Morrissey Walsh '88
    Stanislaus Spokike, father-in-law of Christian D. Haggerty '96
    Bridget "Bridie" Walsh, mother of Dr. Kevin F. Walsh, MD '75, Thomas M. Walsh '77 and Patrick J. Walsh '82, grandmother of Sheila M. Walsh '10, Noreen T. Walsh '12, John G. Walsh '13, Maura C. Walsh '14 and Cara C. Walsh '16
    Cleo Wilbon, mother of Michael R. Wilbon '76 and Donald E. Wilbon '79 and grandmother of Jordan Wilbon '19
  • June 2019

    Raymond J. Collins '52
    Molly Margaret Fetzer '99, sister of Catherine “Kacky” Fetzer '07
    Dr. Edmund B. Hunt, PhD. '63 (12-12-2018), brother of Kevin Eamon Hunt '74
    Vincent R. McEnerney '63
    Donald X. "DX" Murphy ’49
    Roman Roszkewycz '63
    Dr. James William Ryan, M.D. ’47
    Thomas N. Williams '53, brother of the late Robert P. Williams '48 and the late Richard S. Williams '48
    Catharine N. Basile, mother of Joseph P. Basile ’72
    Mary "Mae" Coleman, mother of Terrance Coleman '61
    Sara A. Flaherty, wife of the late Dr. Bernard P. Flaherty ’55 and mother of Maura L. Flaherty ’84, Megan A. Flaherty ’85 and Molly J. Flaherty ’91
    Jeanne Marie Gross, sister of Robert M. Hinton '73 and the late Dr. Richard N. Hinton '66
    Derrick Harris, father of  Derrick Harris ’19
    Eleanore F. Kotleba, wife of former faculty member, Rudolf Kotleba, and mother of Felicia-Marie Nicosia '89
    Dr. Thomas Patrick Regan, MD, son of the late Martin F. Regan '33, father of Courtney K. Regan Wagner '99, Mary “Katie” Regan Byrne '00, Caroline K. Regan Bruno '03 and Margaret R. Regan-Murgier '06
  • May 2019


    Timothy W. Czech '92, brother of Anthony W. Czech '90

    James Joseph Hill Esq '55, brother of the late John M. Hill '57
    Norman J. Krull '53

    David H. Lucas, Sr. '53, father of David H. Lucas, Jr. '78, grandfather of Anastasia P. Lucas '02, David H.
    Lucas '06 and Tara M. Lucas '08

    Robert A. Marks '60, brother of Richard A. Marks '64

    Col. Thomas J. Phelan, Jr. (USAF, Ret.) '52

    Paul John Pruchnicki '51

    Rev. Francis J. Royer SSC '49

    William Robert Slavin '43

    Howard J. Stasen '44 (11/22/2018)

    Estrella "Esther" Beals, grandmother of Jeary E. Beals, II '01

    Margaret F. Bruckert, wife of Eugene J. Bruckert '52 (July 17, 2018)

    Josefina Lopez Carmona, mother of Maximiliano Carmona, Jr. '82

    Thomas C. Hynes, father of Cecilia Hynes Griffin '83, Thomas Hynes '84, Hon. Daniel W. Hynes '86, Matthew J. Hynes '89, father-in-law of H. Cheever Griffin '85 and grandfather of Matthew W. Griffin '19

    Brian Mathurin, uncle of Marcus Mathurin '19 and Nicholas Mathurin '21

    Virginia Frances Nee, wife of the late Patrick J. Nee '44 and mother of Michael P. Nee '77

    Virginia "Ginny" Picken, mother of Justin D. Picken '82

    Ethel Mae Reedus, mother of Glenn E. Reedus '70

    Joseph Anthony Rippinger, grandfather of William M. DiRe ’12 and Katherine J. DiRe ’13

    Bridget Semmer, mother of Madeline C. Semmer '20

    Lynn Marie Shevlin, wife of James T. Shevlin '73 (11/8/2018)

    Mary S. "Nani" Stachnik, mother-in-law of Ronald J. Cygan '62, former Saint Ignatius math teacher and basketball coach - 1968 - 1979

    Constantine John "Dino" Tatooles, M.D., father of Alexandra Tatooles '12

    Wanda Zumpano, mother of John '81 and grandmother of James '20
  • April 2019

    Louis J. Balaban '63, brother of retired faculty member, John J. Balaban '64.
    John C. Belskey '50
    Ralph J. Bertz '60 (9/10/2015)
    Richard Hilary Cima '62
    Robert O. Duffy '71
    Raymond L. Kay '59
    Dennis Mailliard '60
    Joseph J. O'Connell '51 (Dec'd 3/25/2017)
    Paul Crescent O'Connor, M.D. '56, brother of Jerome P. O'Connor '49, the late Dr. Joseph S. O'Connor '52 and the late Michael O'Connor '58, father-in-law of Joseph A. Zwick '83, grandfather of Ellen M. Zwick '11, Annie G. Zwick '14, Madeline S. Zwick '18 a
    Richard P. "Dick" Quillin '52 (5/6/2016)
    Daniel (Dan) Joseph Rice '67 (9/26/2017) 
    Kathryn "Kitty" Bishop, mother of Colleen A. Bishop Wronski '87, Brian P. Bishop '90 and Patrick M. Bishop '92 and sister-in-law of James F. Bishop '54. 
    Harry Bush, father of Eric Bush '67, Harry P. Bush (Dec'd.) '68 and Nicole Bush '85
    Chet Coppock, father of Lyndsey M. Coppock '02
    John B. Hunt, father of Edward "EJ" Hunt '72
    Evelyn Ruth Illich (friend of Saint Ignatius), sister of the late Lorraine Illich (friend of Saint Ignatius)
    Stephen Krupa, husband of Lorraine Krupa, former Saint Ignatius Secretary to the Dean (1971- 1992) and father of Wayne S. Krupa '71
    Robert J. McDonald, grandfather of Sean D. McDonald '12 and Casey S. McDonald '14
    Helen Margaret Rippinger, grandmother of William M. DiRe '12 and Katherine J. DiRe '13
    Mary K. Salatino, wife of Raphael Salatino '58 (Feb. 2014)
    Stanley A. Skalski, step-father of Thomas E. Brabec '73 and John F. Brabec '77, grandfather of Sara M. Brabec '04, Maureen E. Brabec '08, Matthew J. Kepes '08, Edward M. Kepes '10 and Amy L. Brabec '11
  • March 2019

    Louis J. Balaban '63, brother of retired faculty member, John J. Balaban '64

    Dr. Terence G. Banich, MD '64, brother of the late Dr. Francis E. Banich, MD '50
    Robert D. Christopher '61, father of Damien R. Christopher '87, Sarah Christopher Niedhoefer '89, Michael R. Christopher '97 and Samantha A. Christopher '03, brother of Alan Christopher '59, John P. Christopher '63, Richard A. Christopher '66
    Michael P. Ducar '55, brother of Robert Ducar '62 and uncle of John Ducar '88.
    William D. "Bill" Gainer '56, grandfather of Finbar L. Kibby '20
    Thomas M. Gallagher '80
    William F. O'Mahoney '56, brother of the late Dr. Michael T. O'Mahoney, Ph.D. '61
    Rev. Myron Panchuk '72
    Jerome L. Pizzotti '55, brother of Norman A. Pizzotti '57, son-in-law of the late Alex J. Morelli '26, and brother-in-law of Alex J. Morelli, Jr. '51 and Anthony P. Morelli '61
    Hon. John M. Quigley '53, brother of the late George Francis Quigley '46 and the late James Edward Quigley '49
    Joseph Casey, S.J. (UMI)
    Letitia J. Hachem, mother of Chantal C. Hachem '85 and Sanaa Hachem '88
    Donald J. "Don" Kastenholz, father-in-law of Thomas M. Walsh '77, grandfather of Sheila M. Walsh '10 (current faculty member), Noreen T. Walsh '12, John G. Walsh '13, Maura C. Walsh '14, and Cara C. Walsh '16
    Mary Gregor Lee, mother of former staff member, Mary Patricia Hayes, and grandmother of April A. Popp '98
    Jean A. Nutowc, grandmother of Jay Winkler '84
    Charles L. Patterson, father of Danita E. Patterson '86
    Nancy M. Gilla, sister of Saint Ignatius former faculty member, Frank P. Raispis '45, the late Joseph J. Raispis '44 and the late Jerome P. Raispis '46.
    Alan D. Schneegas, father of David Schneegas '68, Peter Schneegas '70, William Schneegas '71, Anne Marie (Schneegas) Norton '85, and grandfather of Mairead Norton '15 and Deirdre Norton '19.
    Gloria Annette Sena, wife of Fred Sena '52
  • February 2019

    Jessica L. Bryar '90, daughter of Dr. George Bryar ’54; sister of Sharon Bryar Eichinger ’81, Julie Bryar Smith ’82 (Thomas Smith ’81), Elizabeth Bryar Raser '83, Dr. Paul Bryar '85, Colin Bryar '85 and Kevin Bryar '88

    William Joseph "Bill" Condon, Sr., father of William J. Condon, Jr. ’91

    Fr. Daniel L. Flaherty, SJ ’47, former member Board of Trustees - Saint Ignatius College Prep (1989-1992).

    Geoffrey L. Gifford, father of Andrew R. Gifford ’88 and Katherine H. Gifford ’95
    Fr. Philip J. Grib, S.J. (UMI) ’56, brother of the late Robert I. Grib, S.J. (PAT) ’58

    Joseph M. Jura ’54

    James W. Koenig ’77, brother of Edward Koenig ’74

    Mary B. Koncel,
    wife of Jerome A. Koncel '61, sister in law of Lt. Col. Anthony Koncel, USAF '69 and the late Martin A. Koncel '71

    Robert W. “Bob” Lichtenberger, father-in-law of Judy Hogan Lichtenberger ’84

    David J. Manning, husband of Saint Ignatius former principal, Carole Manning, father of Sheila Manning Hansen ’81, James G. Manning ’83, David M. Manning ’89, Thomas Manning ’84 (Loyola Academy), father-in-law of Christopher Hansen ’81, grandfather of Matthew R. Hansen ’10, Brian C. Hansen ’12 and Joseph C. Hansen ’17

    Lorraine M. Paczkowski, mother of Col. Alan Paczkowski ’63 and Ronald Paczkowski ’66. 

    William J. Ruff, grandfather of Christopher Chipparoni ’19

    Anthony Patrick Sabatello '55

    Wallace C. Solberg '48

    William A. Thompson ’53, 
    brother of the late Arthur Thompson ’54

    Barbara S. Vidal, mother of Philip J. Vidal ’76 and Carol B. Vidal ’81

  • January 2019

    John "Jack" Enright '45, father of John Enright '70, Michael Enright '74, Mark Enright '76, William Enright '77, Paul Enright '81 and Edward Enright '85 and grandfather of John J. Vitanovec, IV '05

    Colin Matthew Kiely, brother of Damon J. Kiely '86
    Olha Lushniak, mother of Dr. Boris Lushniak '77

    James J. Malooly ’49

    John "Jack" Hogan, grandfather of Conner Mulvey '07
  • December 2018

    Joseph Hosteny, III ’63, father of Joseph Hosteny ’92, Laura Hosteny ’95 and son of the late Joseph Hosteny ’26 

    Jeremiah Thomas Hayes ’56, brother of James Hayes ’67

    Mary V. Leo, wife of Joseph Leo '51 and sister-in-law of Paul '47

    Deanne O'Toole, mother of Paul O'Toole '91, Dennis O'Toole '92 and Peggy O'Toole Lavelle '96

    Justin Grant Fox, brother of Jennifer ’91 and James ’95

    Nicholas A Zabrinas, father of Mark '83, Michael '84 and Kathryn '93
  • November 2018

    Mary Ann Hogan Leusch, sister of Edward '66, Patrick '68, Thomas '72 and Joseph '77, and aunt of Timothy '03, Erin '04, Colleen '06, Patrick '06, Megan '09 and Bridget '13

    James John Guarino '67

    Joseph Sepulveda, father of Deanna '99 and Joanne '01

    William G. Fisher '57, brother of the late Robert '60, step-father to Joshua Grotto '95

    Loretta McCauley, mother of Edward '70, Denis '72, Michael '76 and Joseph '85

    Ross Bruno Valenti, father of Rosalie Valenti Tocco '80, Leslie Valenti-Bezanes '86

    Roderick J. Dougherty Jr. '59, father of Elixabeth Doughert Greyerbiehl '90

    Donald P. Doherty, father of saint Ignatius Board of Regents member, Jay Doherty

    Rev. Matthew Creighton, SJ '44, brother of Rev. James Creighton, SJ '47, and the late Robert Creighton '53

    Helen J. Drennan, daughter of Thomas Burke (early 1900s), mother of Joseph '63 and grandmother of Kathleen O'Brien Kathman '89

    Anthony F. Yelacic, Jr. '80

    Stan Lucas, father of Lisa Lucas Talbot '85 and uncle of Ronald Lucas '52

    William J. Swindle '63, father of Tim '98

    Pat Somers Cronin, mother of Michael ’79, Walter ’81 and Joseph ’82 and grandmother of Shannon Cronin Foster ’94, Martha Bailey ’04, Samuel Bailey ’07, Helen Cronin ’08, Hannah Cronin ’10, Connor Cronin ’13, Grace Cronin ’15 and Jack Cronin ’22

    James E. Cronin '43, brother of the late Richard '49

    Gabriel Deely, brother of Margot Deely '18

    William Hanly Dunne '68, brother of the late Thomas '60.
    Dr. Mary M. Lebold, mother of Saint Ignatius staff member, Susan Markvart and grandmother of Kyle Markvart '21
  • October 2018

    David Charles Smith, father of David '01 and Andrew '06

    Kathleen A. Farley, grandmother of Donald Flynn '15, Shannon Flynn '16, Brendan Flynn '17 and Katherine Flynn '19

    Elaine Stewart, mother of Tracey '82 and Lisa '86 and mother-in-law of Darryl Canady '80

    Nicholas J. Achille, CPA '60, father of Ann Marie '92, Nicholas '94, brother of Robert '65 and uncle of Mary Pat Bitter '88

    Robert M. Burke, Sr., father of Matthew '86, John '89, father-in-law of Tracy Arendt Burke '89 and grandfather of Shannon Burke '18

    Ronald C. Smith father of Michael '91

    Pleas Leachman Honeywood, Jr., father of Nicole Angela Honeywood '87 (deceased) and Pleas Andrew Honeywood '97

    Gloria E. Panico, mother of Robert ’65

    Taras Taras (aka Taras Bohdan Horalewskyj) ’65

    David W. McNee, father of Kelly McNee Innis '82 and grandfather of Makayla McNee '20.
    Harry Leo Brice Jr. ’66, father of Kate '01 and Andrew '06; brother of Bernard Brice '64; brother-in-law Thomas J. Egan '51, uncle of Tom '79 and Tim '80 Egan, Dan '93 and Pat '96 Brice; great uncle to Jordan '00 and Brendan Egan (attended), Sean '10 and Grant Egan '13, and Madeline '14 and Emily Ecklund '17

    Lawrence T. Lynch, father of Juliana '18 and Philip '19

    Dr. Paul E. Lawler, Jr., uncle of Ann Marie '85, Julie '88 and John '90
  • September 2018

    Amelia D. Cantafio, wife of the late Joseph A. Cantafio ’36 and mother of Frank ’60 and William ’80

    Mary Ancilla Houtsma, grandmother of Kathleen Houtsma Herber '97 and Suzanna Houtsma Moorhead '03

    James F. O'Neil '48

    Michael Anthony Vitale '43

    Ronald P. Terdina, grandfather of Orin Horowitz '17

    Sammy Galioto, son-in-law of the late Anthony J. Fornelli '51

    Bill Mobley, grandfather of Alexandria Brumfield '09 and Elizabeth Brumfield '18

    Richard August Lambrigger ’48

    Anis Tungekar, father of Omar Tungekar '00

    Charles D. Kull, grandfather of Christopher Kull '18

    Edward LaPorte Quinn '50, father of Saint Ignatius faculty member, Sr. Mary Magdalene
  • August 2018

    Paul J. Dudek, father of Josephine '08, Sarah '10 and Paul '12

    Robert A. Rose, grandfather of Olivia Duff '19 and William Duff '21

    Judith D. Harmon, wife of the late Leo J. Harmon '50, mother of Leo '80, Peter '81, grandmother of Aiden Mastbrook '19 and sister-in-law of the late Donald F. Harmon '46

    Richard P. Frisbie ’44

    Nick J. Perisin, grandfather of Lena Dicaro ’10, Madeline Perseghin ’12, Barbara Wilkie ’14, Catherine Perseghin ’16 and Mary Wilkie ’17, uncle of Tricia Marino Ruffolo ’83, Lori Marino Miles ’86, Michaelina Ruffolo ’12, Samantha Ruffolo ’15, Dylan Miles ’17 and Jake Miles ’19

    Marvin George Pribyl, father of Fr. Ross T. Pribyl, SJ., former Ignatius faculty member

    Richard A. Kennicker '48

    Donald F. Ivansek, father of Patrick ’05 and Jack ’12, brother-in-law of Sheila Begg Troy ’88, son-in-law of the late Patrick J. Begg ’47 and uncle of Delia Troy ’20

    Marie H. Martin, mother of Jessica '04, daughter of the late Thomas B. Ewers '49, sister of Thomas F. Ewers '73, the late David Ewers '76, Michael Ewers '79, James Ewers '84, Jane Ewers '86, Daniel Ewers '88, Katherine Ewers '90 and William Ewers '93

    Maria Elena Arpin, spouse of Russell R. Arpin '74

    Thomas A. Bourelly, father of Joseph '90 and Edward '92

    Martin Benjamin Bergerson, father of Martin '98 and Mary Clare '01

    Rose Marie Morrison, wife of William J. Morrison '47

    Anthony F. Mannina '49

    Julia Dargan, wife of William P. Dargan, Sr. '48 and sister-in-law of Thomas Feeley '55

    Samuel J. Partipilo '50

    Marilyn Otter Coluzzi, grandmother of Robert Otter '00, Julie Otter Singler '01, and Elizabeth Otter '05

    John F. "Jeff" Heusser, husband of Jennifer Hunt Heusser '82

    Michael Petromilli '86

    Dr. John P. Cox, M.D. '45

    James L. Conway Jr., son of James L. "Larry" Conway '52
  • July 2018

    Dr. Robert V. Nolan '48, brother of James '47 and Charles '49

    Christopher Wiley '71

    Wilmont "Vic" Vickrey, grandfather of Clifford '12, Claudia '14 and Lyndon '17

    Hon. William Patrick O'Malley, Jr. '61

    Morton Harold Kinzler, husband of Ruth Grabow Kinzler '88

    John Malone '68

    David Thomas Ray ’02, brother of  Dan ’94, Colleen ’97 , Michael ’00, and Claire ’06

    Philip John Wolff, Jr., son of Philip J. Wolff '52 and nephew of Bruno Wolff '52

    Hon. Thomas Edward Hogan’55, brother of the late James ’53

    Dr. Patrick J. Sullivan '56

    Angela A. Murges, mother of Giana (Preston) Pisellini '84

    Patrick D. McCarthy, brother-in-law of current staff member at Saint Ignatius, Wendy Guido McCarthy’84, and uncle of Jessica McCarthy Kelleher’06 and Abby McCarthy ’17

    Gordon C. Owens, father of James '81, current faculty member and coach at Saint Ignatius

    Paul Lawrence Trickle '00, brother of Katharine '94 and Stephanie '97

    Dr. Edward J. Schaaf '49, father of Christine '83

    Maureen Barnicle, mother of Mary '85 and Kathleen '86

    John Galvan '78

    Mary Ellen James, grandmother of Carson Schoen '14, Jordan Schoen '18, Griffin Schoen '21 and Darcy Schoen '21
  • June 2018

    James Patrick Morris '57

    Linda Kathrein, mother of Miranda Kathrein '95

    Audrone Tamulis, wife of Arvydas Tamulis '58, mother of Andrius '85 and Aleksandras '89, mother-in-law of Beata Pawlikowski '85

    Rita Frances Zilius, wife of Vincent '57 and sister of Joseph Fitzpatrick '61

    Fr. George R. Menke, S.J., former faculty member and soccer and basketball coach at Saint Ignatius College Prep from 1967-1971 and 1975-1997

    Alicia V. Lee, grandmother of Deirdre Kozicki '16, Cormac Kozicki '18 and Maeve Kozicki '20

    Harry Trausch, grandfather of Will O'Hara '06, John O'Hara '08 and Daniel O'Hara '12

    Thomas McKeon, Jr. '49

    Charles E. Osadjan, Jr. M.D. '56

    Bernard Garvey, Sr. '45, brother of the late James '38, John '38 and Edward '48, grandfather of Abigale James '06 and George James '09
  • May 2018

    Daniel "Dan" Gainer, brother of William '56

    Gloria J. Banich, wife of the late Dr. Francis E. Banich, MD '50 and sister-in-law of Dr. Terence G. Banich '64

    Thomas P. King '45

    Joseph D. Foreman '45, brother of the late John '47 and the late William '49

    Timothy G. Brennan, husband of Maureen Loftus Brennan '88 and brother-in-law of Rob Loftus '90 and Nora Loftus Hynes '00

    Michael Terrence O'Mahoney '61, brother of William '56

    Elizabeth Ann Kunkel, wife of Jeff '79, sister-in-law of William Kunkel '74, Thomas Kunkel '77 and aunt of Katherine Kunkel Kamholz '98, Robert Kunkel '01, Jeffrey Kunkel '03 and Michael Kunkel '08

    John Baird "Jack" Cavenagh, MD '42, father of John '68 and grandfather of William Schlesser '89, Chanda Schlesser Plepel '91, Alissa McLauchlan '95 and Catherine Cavenagh '06

    Maryann (Donlon) Anglim, wife of Thomas '66

    Clyde F. Mariotti, father of Leonard '75

    Marie S. Lannon, wife of the late John '27 and grandmother of Jack G. Lannon '20 and Alexis Lannon '22

    Fr. Howard J. Gray, SJ, former Saint Ignatius faculty member 1955 - 1958

    Cosimo Ferraro, grandfather of Trinian Donohoe '12

    Jon Anthony Negrette, brother of Robert '03

    Bernard Peter Foote ’48, brother of the late Gregory ’42, nephew of the late Fr. Bernard A. Foote, S.J. ’01, uncle of the late Peter J. ’51, the late Edmund ’54, grand uncle of Peter ’77, John ’78, Mary Fasano ’80, Anne Devane ’82, Catherine Marie ’85 and Loretta Casey ’90, Michael Sparks ’97 and  Sarah Sparks-Sienkiewicz Minnis ’04 and great uncle of Peter ’21
  • April 2018

    Mary Alyce Hurley, mother of Kevin '02

    Franklin D. Capitanini, grandfather of Alfredo (AJ) '18

    Father James E. Chambers, SJ '42, twin brother of the late George R. Chambers '42

    Martin C. Gutilla, father of Sam '12

    Paul W. Gorman '63, son of the late David '26 and brother of David '60

    William J. "Bill" Darley, father of Stephen '73, Peter '74, James '79 and Paul '81

    Pichan Chou, mother of current faculty member, Miriam Leung, and Kan Li, mother-in-law of Miriam Leung

    John J. Karnick Sr. '51, grandfather of John Karnick '21

    Alfred J. O'Malley, grandfather of Zachary Broderick '97 and Caitlin Broderick '99

    Eugene B. Troken, father of Eric '93, Jessica '95, Kimberly '97, Alexander '97 and Christopher '01

    Dr. Neil Winston, MD '72, brother of Lloyd '73
  • March 2018

    Danielle E. Colyer, daughter of Cheryl Colyer, current faculty member at Saint Ignatius College Prep

    Andrea Lynne Noack Fitzgerald, mother of Steve ’84, Peter ’85 and Martin ’91 and grandmother of Elliot Gibson ’13

    Henry "Hank" Yario '49, brother of the late Dr. Robert Yario '57

    Dr. Joseph Francis Pribyl '58 (died July 2017), brother of Peter '60

    Bob G. Wagner, father of Saint Ignatius faculty member, Amanda Wagner

    Fr. Jerome F. Durack, SJ '47

    Gertrude Marie "Trudi" Wood, mother of current Saint Ignatius faculty member, Dr. Jay Wood, and grandmother of Regina '10 and Thomas '12

    Sister Joan Newhart, BVM, daughter of the late George D. Newhart '19, sister of George Robert (Bob) Newhart '47 and niece of the late Donald Newhart '22

    August Zimmermann '58

    John Vincent "Jack" Lynch '46

    Terry R. Finegan '50

    Thomas J. Flasch '63, brother of John '61

    George E. Krippner '55, brother of Ralph '57

    John Gibbons, grandfather of Michael Milito ’16 and Patrick Milito ’19

    Seaman, wife of former Saint Ignatius finance committee member, Michael Seaman '55, daughter-in-law of the late H.G. Seaman '27 and sister-in-law of Andrew Pinkowski '51

    Loretta M. Higgins, wife of Francis '42

    Paul J. Olszewski '72, brother of Peter '74

    Jeanne Marie Maloney, mother of Mark '75, grandmother of Mark Jr. '13 and aunt of Patrick '63

    James F. Stokes '50, brother of the late Dr. Michael Stokes '59
  • February 2018

    Colette Kallianis, grandmother of Saint Ignatius staff member, Patricia Rojek

    Ronald J. Berger '54

    Michael Gallaga, father of Bill ‘91 and Amanda ‘94

    William B. Dwyer M.D. '40, brother of the late Walter '37 and the late Donald '43

    Theodore A. Edwards '71, father of Christopher '04 and brother of Mark '77 and Dawn Edwards Williams '82 and former coach and faculty member at Saint Ignatius College Prep, 1975-1979

    Emanuella (Mildred) Cappiello, mother of Vito '58

    Dr. Gordon R. Lang, father of Antje '12 and Courtney '09

    Dr. Michael Leonard Rosinia, DDS '49, father of Francis '78 and Michael '80, and godfather and cousin of current Saint Ignatius staff member, Anthony '84

    Richard "Dick" Baum '57

    Paul Bauer '82

    Timothy J. Teister, father of Kevin '13.

    Albert W. Noonan '45, brother of Lawrence '60, Gerald '63 and Francis '66.

    Frank Anthony Tasch '60.
  • January 2018

    Stephanie Y. Evans '83, sister of Darryl R. Evans '79.February 1-28, 2018

    Michael A. Kiely '63.

    Francis Emmet Crowley, father of Jeanne Crowley Atkinson '83 and Timothy '87.

    Kenneth Skraban '61, brother of Ronald '67.

    Mark W. Molloy '74

    Bradley A. Sandner, brother of Ellen Sandner '19

    John “Jack” Tierney '49

    Richard A. Schroeder, uncle of Saint Ignatius development staff member, Christine Cesak, and Brian Cesak '12

    Patricia Petrizzo, mother-in-law of Carl Salvato '83 and grandmother of Salvatore '09 and Carla '15

    Mary Regina Meany, daughter of the late John J. Mortimer '25, mother of John '90 and Nora '94 and sister-in-law of Thomas Branigan '57

    Thomas O'Gara '57, brother of Martin O'Gara '65
  • December 2017

    Edmund Howard Grant, III, son of Edmund "Ned" '57 and brother of Julie Grant McMahon '91

    Dr. Bernard F. Reiland '48

    Marie Clare Schmitt, grandmother of Evan Schmitt '17 and Alec Schmitt '21

    Alice Dargan Clark, mother of Helen Clark Demsher '85

    Dr. Carter D. Carroll, former faculty member at Saint Ignatius, 1958 - 1965

    Charles Carlucci, stepfather of Gabrielle Folan '10, Mary Folan '14 and James Folan '16

    Elizabeth Moore Lympany. grandmother of Noel '07, Brendan '10 and Kevin '13

    Mary Serb, sister of Lt. Christopher Serb ’88 and William Serb ’90

    Mary Jule Durkin, mother-in-law of former faculty member at Saint Ignatius - 1989-1992, John Goebelbecker, and grandmother of Nora Goebelbecker  '10, Brigit Goebelbecker '11, Sean Goebelbecker '13, Roisin Goebelbecker '15 and Colum Goebelbecker '17

    Gerald N. Bishop, brother of James '54 and father of Colleen Bishop Wronski '87, Brian '90, Patrick '92

    John Gembara, father of Amy '10 and Julie '13
  • November 2017

    Thomas R. Amato, Sr. '66, father of Tracey Amato Michicich '92 and father-in-law of Matthew J. Michicich '92

    John F. Morley '58, brother of James '61 and Kevin '65, uncle of Patrick Morley '87 and Margaret Morley Gorman '02

    Death of Mary Ellen Shannon, daughter of the late Joseph P. Shannon ’39, sister of Patrick ’68, John Jay ’78, Peter ’83 and Christopher ’87, aunt of Ryan ’06 and Aaron Levinsky '01 and niece of Henry J. Deiters ’46

    Edward J. McQuillan '61, son of the late Edward F. McQuillan ’32, brother of the late Martin E. McQuillan ’60 and father of Keri McQuillan Kalinsky ’84 and grandfather of Claire Kalinsky '17

    Honorable Michael C. Close, father of Dr. Michael Close '81 and grandfather of Mary '11, Michael '15 and Catherine '18

    Marie Therese McDermott, mother of John McDermott '83, Michael McDermott '85 and Matthew McDermott '89, and mother-in-law of Nike Sage McDermott '85

    Charles E. Johnson, III '77, brother of Craig Johnson '79 and Tracey Johnson '81

    Tim Guth '91

    Rev. L. Jerome Parrish '73, brother of Maurice Parrish '68
  • October 2017

    John V. Crowe, Jr., son of John V. Crowe (Dec'd) '19, grandfather of Margaret "Margot" Mitchell '09, Christopher Mitchell '10 and Sarah Mitchell '13

    Martin J. Kramer '48

    John E. Wall '44

    James Robert Winkleman, father of Lynn Winkleman Gerveler '87 and Colleen Winkleman Schwake '88

    John Duffy, father of  Michael '92, Maura '96, and Katherine '97

    Albert J. Schorsch, III, former teacher and father of Rebecca (‘91), Thomas (‘97), Michael (‘00), Albert, and Elizabeth

    Peter Szadziewicz '73

    Beatrice Carol Stack, wife of Waldemar Stack '49

    Sharon Czarnecki, sister-in-law of John F. McKinney '64

    John J. Hoesley '60

    Bob Semmer, father of Caroline '04 and Lizzie '05

    John Caruso '02

    Loretta Schneegas, mother of David Schneegas '68, Peter Schneegas '70, William Schneegas '71 and Anne Marie (Schneegas) Norton '85, grandmother of Mairead Norton '15 and Deirdre Norton '19

    Michael R. Campo '55

    William J. Gallagher, Jr. father of Mary Gallagher Nomellini '92

    Dr. Francis I. Lavin '43

    Richard Walter Ward III, son of Richard Ward '78
  • September 2017

    Joseph B. Tremback, father of Joseph S. Tremback '71, Dr. Thomas F. Tremback '77 and John A. Tremback '86
    Robert B. Jones, grandfather of Erin '07, Michael '09 and Kayla '11

    Bernard Smith ’56, brother of the late Thomas Smith ’50, uncle of Kerry Smith ’79, Keith Smith ’85, Kevin Smith ’83, Kyle Smith ‘92 and the late Kent Smith ’88

    Kenneth E. Bobowski ’72

    Margaret A. "Peg" Zeman, wife of Dr. Douglas J. Zeman, DPM '60, mother of Jennifer Zeman Byrne '86 and Christopher '88, sister-in-law of the late Dr. Jay Zeman '51 and the late Dr. Gregory Zeman '53

    Vincent E. Villinski '60

    Katherine "Kathy" L. Giunta, former faculty member at Saint Ignatius, August, 1980-June, 2007

    Stewart Moss '55, son of John D. Moss, Sr. (Dec'd) '29, brother of John D. Moss, Jr. '59 and Paul G. Moss, CPA '62, grandson of Stewart P. Moss (Dec'd) late 1890s, uncle of John D. Moss III, '80,  nephew of Paul Moss (Dec'd) '34, James Moss (Dec'd) '42, Edward Moss (Dec'd) '43, cousin of James Devereaux ’61, Fred A. Hansen ’63, Patrick Moss (Dec'd) '75 and Phillip Moss '83

    Patricia Ann Miller, wife of Alan R. Miller '57

    Young D. Chin '75

    William "Bill" J. Bartolucci '65

    Sophie M. Kostalik, mother of Melvin '69 and Michael '74

    James J. Cicero, father of David '84, Jim '86, Catherine Brady '91 and Maria Bailey '94 and father-in-law of Maggie Kelly '86

    John F. Young '59

    Hon. John N. Hourihane, father of John '85 and James '87

    James C. Riordan '95
  • August 2017

    Gerald T. "Jerry" Culhane '54

    John J. Slattery, Jr., former Saint Ignatius College Prep treasurer 1982-1986

    Mario J. Ricciarelli '48

    Raymond J. O'Meara '48

    Thomas Dempsey '80, brother of Dr. Terrence Dempsey '83, uncle of Bridget Dempsey '08 and cousin of Jennifer Quinn Broda '87

    Mary McDonough Connolly, grandmother of Agnes M. Connolly '16 and  Virginia Connolly ’18

    John J. Krause '72

    Bernandine Harmata, grandmother of Andrew Tafelski '00 and Daniel Tafelski, D.P.T. '01

    Michael J. McMahon, father of Maureen McMahon Hartker '89, Tricia McMahon '90, Carrie McMahon Stathas '92 and Mary Carol McMahon Murphy '00

    Robert M. Gabric, former Saint Ignatius faculty member and basketball coach 1965 - 1978, father of Michael L. Gabric '79

    Patricia A. Rewers, mother of Christopher '88 and Ronald '90, and grandmother of Daniel '14, Allyssa '18, and Benjamin '21

    Dragan Mihajlovic, father of Gordana Mihajlovic Gataric '90 and Vera Mihajlovic Pandev '91
  • July 2017

    Dr. Anne Brown Donnersberger, mother of Dr. David R. Donnersberger, Jr. '87

    Eugene "Gene" Valadez '61, brother of Joseph Valadez '63

    Janice Bosco, mother of John '80 and James '89

    Vlado Lenoch, father of Michael '11, Jessica '12 and Samantha '16

    Eddie Agringo, father of Gerrard Agringo Ferrer '83 and John Ferrer '85

    Richard "Dick" Lord, father of current faculty member, Steve Lord, and grandfather of Jonathon '20

    James W. Kennedy '55, father of Lorrie Kennedy (Phil Loftus), past President Parent Organization and current Board of Regents, Bonnie Kennedy '90, Thomas Kennedy '93 and Kevin Kennedy '98, father-in-law of Marion Kennedy '98, and grandfather of Katie Loftus '13, Joseph Loftus '14, and Lizzie Loftus '17

    Fr. John J. "Jack" Kenealy, S.J '45

    Charles Robert Elkin, brother of Daniel '88 and Terrence '93

    Donald W. Cushing, father-in-law of Mark Reilly '77, grandfather of Dr. Christopher Reilly '00, Kevin Reilly '04 and Grace Reilly Burke '06

    Deloris Staisiunas, mother of Paul '05 and Daina '06

    James L. "Lee" Sandner, father of Ellen Sandner '19
  • June 2017

    George Badke '64, father-in-law of Amy McAuley Badke '92

    Leo “Fish” Pinkowski ’58, grandfather of Ethan Gould ’20

    Anthony J. Fornelli '51

    Wallace Oscar Carlson, father-in-law of Dr. Joseph T. Golab '77
  • May 2017

    Chief Michael V. Murphy, father of Clare '10 and John '13

    David R. Zurek ’67, brother of Dennis ’59, Philip ’63 and John ’73

    Kenneth J. Slattery '53

    Susan Troyke, mother of Michael '15

    William J. Powers '67

    Thomas J. Butler '60

    John R. Smith, CLU '47

    Sylvia Levine, mother-in-law of former faculty member, Martin Kelley, and grandmother of Brendan Kelley ’02 and Ross Kelley ’06

    Rev. Allen Jakubowski, brother of Carl '74, Eric '78 and Marybeth Jakubowski Sharp '84

    Hugh F. Lynch, father of James '70, Michael '74, Hugh '77 and grandfather of Tara '02

    Jeremiah J. Slattery, father of Maura Slattery Boyle '85 and grandfather of Aidan Boyle '19 and Martin Boyle '21
  • April 2017

    Timothy J. Murphy '72, brother of Robert '70, Peter '80 and Matthew '82 and Brian '87

    London Boots Johnson '07

    Bernard L. Muzynski '66

    Rev. Blasé Chemazar, OFM '46

    John Francis McGing, father of the late John '71, Kevin '72, Joseph '74, grandfather of Sean '06, Sheila '08, Joseph '09, Kevin '12 and Thomas '17

    Carl J. Sterk '44

    Rebecca Glinsey, mother of Floyd Glinsey '94

    Colin Joseph Morrissey, son of Dr. Lawrence Morrissey ’85

    William J. Connell '57, brother of Rev. James E. Connell '60 and John F. Connell '62

    James 'Cy' McCormick '53, father of Judith J. McCormick '86 and brother of John '61 and the late Daniel '57

    Thomas A. Dowd '55

    Brian Woulfe '76, son of John '53 and brother of Martin '78

    William F. Reidy, father of Erica '94, Kenneth '01 and brother-in-law of the late Michael J. Farina '70
  • March 2017

    William G. Mullally '51, father of Kevin '83 and brother of Frank '53

    Robert E. Gerth, MD, grandfather of Colleen Gerth '08

    Sarah Palmisano, mother of the late Henry C. Palmisano '69 and grandmother of Julia Palmisano '98, Mary Palmisano Burns '00 and Matthew Palmisano '03

    Jerome Paul Raispis '46, brother of Frank P. Raispis '45 and the late Joseph J. Raispis '44

    William E. Foley '49, brother of Dr. Gerald Foley, M.D. '50, Robert L. Foley '52 Thomas V. Foley (Dec'd) '53

    John Foley ’59 and Kevin P. Foley ’63

    Charles Jack "Chuck" DeMory, Sr.’59, brother of the late Anthony C. DeMory ’57

    Mark Q. Sawyer '90, brother of Michael E. Sawyer '85

    Carol M. Peck, wife of Tom Peck '50

    Fr. John P. Murphy, S.J.’56

    Theresa Hrastnik, mother of Heidi Hrastnik Berke '86

    Rosemary Wolf, grandmother of Luke Molloy ’93, Paul J. Rieger ’94, Thomas W. Molloy ’95 and Neil H. Molloy ’95

    Janice L. Collins, wife of Joseph M. Collins '60

    Andrew D. Berghoff, brother of Matthew P. Berghoff '15

    Paul Lawrence O'Toole, father of Paul O'Toole '91, Dennis O'Toole '92, and Peggy O'Toole Lavelle '96

    Conrad L. Ott, Jr., grandfather of Chloe Ott '10

    Robert M. Hower '50, brother of James Hower '52 and Rev. William J. Hower '56

    Sean O'Neil '08, brother of Patrick '02

    Joseph Moss, father of Augustus "Augie" Moss '00

    Donna McKeown, wife of Joseph P. McKeown '59 and mother of Caroline McKeown Dutnall '90

    Joseph Anthony Weber '51

    Zenona Carter, mother of Guada (Gigi) '12 and Maria (Mimi) '12 Carter

    James Sheehy, father of Thomas ’78, Anne Sheehy Derrig ’86, grandfather of Patrick ’11, Robert ’13, James ’15 and Jeremiah ’10 and father-in-law of Maureen McCarthy Sheehy ’97

    Kathleen M. Flynn, mother of Jennifer A. Flynn '86 and grandmother of Brady Bartels '19

    Paula L. Bilton, mother of Aaron '90 and Benjamin '92

    Francis K. Blazek '85

    Mary Krina Darley-Mattio, sister of Stephen '73, Peter '74, James '79 and Paul '81.
    Joseph P. Shannon ’39, father of Patrick ’68, John Jay ’78, Peter ’83 and Christopher ’87, grandfather of Ryan ’06 and Aaron Levinsky '01 and brother-in-law of Henry J. Deiters ’46.
    Michael B. Fillichio ’51
  • February 2017

    Robert G. Bobowski '52

    Jaizelle Jacqueline Dennis Rome, mother of Jacqueline Liat Rome ’05 and the late Jaizelle Leshani Rome ’02

    Mario DeFrancesco, father of Massimiliano “Max” DeFrancesco ’12

    Mary A. Byrne, mother-in-law of faculty member, Sharon Byrne, grandmother of Patricia Byrne Thielke '89, Matthew Byrne '96, and Meaghan Byrne O'Shea '03

    Marilyn Hickey, mother of Matthew '94, Erin Hickey Moody '95 and Megan Hickey Cummings '98

    Eleanor Anna Budek, mother-in-law of faculty member, Clare Budek

    Paul Vincent Denning Jr, former faculty member at Saint Ignatius College Prep, 1985-2011

    James Francis Lee, grandfather of Deirdre Kozicki '16, Cormac Kozicki '18 and Maeve Kozicki '20

    Donald J. Newberg, grandfather of Alexa J. Campbell ’13

    Margaret Mary Popula Pipal, wife of Frank F. Pipal '45, mother of Thomas '67, Joseph '69 and Frank '71

    William J. Hansen '84, brother of Christopher '81 and Catherine Hansen Bross, J.D. '83, brother-in-law of Francis Burns and Sheila Manning Hansen '81 and uncle to many Saint Ignatius alumni

    Charlotte McHugh, mother of Joseph '68, Martin '69, Mark '76, Vincent '77 and Brian '84, grandmother of Colleen McHugh '04, Kevin McHugh '06, Colin McHugh '07, Evan McHugh '12, Adrienne Orlich '06 and Gregory Orlich '08

    Angel C. "Doc" Lugay M.D., father of Dennis M. Lugay '97
  • January 2017

    Dr. Philip J. Faccenda ’47, grandfather of Thomas J. Walsh ’18 and Timothy J. Walsh ’20

    Taras Ivan Bilyk '80, brother of Ihor Bilyk '73

    Dr. William John Wise '66

    Edward T. Ossman '52

    Jeffrey A. Walker '74, brother of Michael J. Walker '75 and David C. Walker '82

    Marilynn Malooly, wife of James J. Malooly '49

    William E. Foley '49, brother of Dr. Gerald Foley, M.D. '50, Robert L. Foley '52 and Thomas V. Foley (Dec'd) '53

    Philip Pieczynski, son of Raymond J. Pieczynski (Dec'd) '43, father of Melissa Pieczynski '07 (former assistant co-ed cheer coach at Saint Ignatius), Raymond Pieczynski '08, Lucas Pieczynski '11 and Heather Pieczynski '13

    Mary C. Mahoney, mother of Saint Ignatius Assistant Varsity Boys' Basketball Coach Mike Hurley '07

    John A. Griffin '45, brother of James J. Griffin (Dec'd) '39

    Margaret Anne Dargan, daughter of William P. Dargan '48

    Donald Heidkamp, father-in-law of Colleen Austin Heidkamp '95

    John G. Renkar ’70
  • December 2016

    Robert S. Kelly, Jr. '59, brother of Vincent F. Kelly '66 and Paul E. Kelly '69

    Dean E. March '63

    James E. "Tuck" Walsh '49

    Rev. Mr. Jack W. McMahon, father of Paul '83 and grandfather of Seamus '12 and Fiona '14

    James P. Monson ’57

    Daniel J. Knight, father of William ’10 and Michael ’14

    Martin F. Maloney, Sr. ’50

    Elmarie Bush, mother of Eric Bush ’67, Harry Bush (Dec’d.) ’68 and Nicole Bush ’85

    John L. Archibald, father of Mark Archibald ’81

    James C. Schroeder '80

    Thomas J. O'Connor ’61

    Maria Elena Cruz, grandmother of Giovanni Martinez ’04
  • November 2016

    Mary Elizabeth Foley, mother of Michael Foley ’83, Austin Foley ’87 and Helen Foley Burkard ’87

    Michael DiGiovanni '54

    Mary McDonough Connolly, grandmother of Agnes M. Connolly '16

    Loretta Garvey, wife of Bernard C. Garvey '45, grandmother of Abigale M. James '06 and George B. James '09

    Thomas J. Healey ’48, brother of the late Dr. Francis J. Healey ’47

    William "Bill" J. Jones (Brown) ’51

    Charlotte Ann Nash, grandmother of Mary A. McKenna ’08 and Andrew J. McKenna ’05

    Joseph Morand III ’47

    Chad A. Becker ’91, brother of Kirk ’92, Blythe Becker Bowlus ’06 and Stephanie Becker Piotrowski ’04

    John Mulchrone, father of Sheila Mulchrone Menard ’91 (Dan Menard), Patrick (Julie) Mulchrone (parents), Peter (Colleen) Mulchrone (parents of alumni), Robert (Hannah) Mulchrone (friends of the school),  grandfather of Connor ’04, Aileen ’06, Garrett ’09,  Evan ’11, Patrick ’11, Luke ’13, Ian ’15 and Claire ’17

    William E. Murphy ’49, brother of Richard J. Murphy, S.J. ’48

    Patricia “Tiscia” Bidwill, wife of Charles W. Bidwill, Jr. ’46

    Edward Schofield, father of Michelle Schofield Larson ’84, Jeannine Schofield Zipfel ’86 and Andrea Schofield Tribolet ’87

    Daniel Wright Hartman, father of current student, Jacob ’20
  • October 2016

    Virginia R. Paulick, wife of Thomas G. Paulick ’57 and mother of Maria Pilar Paulick Clark ’98. 

    Joann Bernat, mother of Michael ’76, James ’77, Ronald ’78, Thomas ’80, Robert ’82, and grandmother of Joshua ’01

    Stanley J. Barton ’56

    George B. Collins, father of Maraika F. Collins ’01 and Paul F. Collins ’04
  • September 2016

    Aline O. Young, mother of James K. Young ’77 and Milicent E. Young ’85

    James R. Collins ’59, brother of Michael ’57 and nephew or “Corny” Collins ’25

    James Kucera, father of James J. Kucera ’82 and Karin L. Kucera McCauley ’88

    Dr. Joseph “Jay” Zeman ’51, brother of Gregory O. Zeman ’53 (Dec'd) and Dr. Douglas Zeman ’60, uncle of Gregory P. Zeman ’79, Daniel J. Zeman ’80, Jennifer M. Zeman ’86, Peter B. Zeman ’86 and Christopher Zeman ’88

    Douglas Lewellyn, father of Cara C. Lewellyn ’09

    Morgan M. Finley, father of Patrick J. Finley ’74

    Helene M. Killackey, wife of Robert E. Killackey ’59

    Patricia A. Honan, mother of Robert H. Brennan ’79, grandmother of Jack M. Brennan ’07, Sarah J. Brennan ’09 and Hugh A. Brennan ’19

    James P. Gallagher '56, father of Elizabeth Coolidge '84, Anne Feely '86, Ellen Kane '88, Lynne M. Nanson '91, Nancy J. Graham '94 and Sarah Gallagher '97, grandfather of Brendan Coolidge '13, Ryan Coolidge '16 and Jack Coolidge '20

    John Broderick, Jr. '48

    Sidney G. Sorensen, father-in-law of Maria Lefkow Sorenson ’95

    Francis E. Banich '50, brother of Terence G. Banich '64

    Loretta Graber, wife of the William A. Graber (Dec'd) '40, mother of William A. Graber, Jr. '66 and Patrick M. Graber '68, grandmother of Meghan M. Graber '97 and Molly Graber '01
  • August 2016

    Frank W. Considine, grandfather of Andrew C. Nieman ’03, Griffin S. Nieman ’06 and Madeline C. Nieman ’09

    Sandie Doherty, mother of Howard J. Doherty ’82 and Megan M. Doherty ’85, grandmother of Maxwell G. McDonald ’10, Andrew G. McDonald ’11, Catherine M. McDonald ’13, Brendan D. McNally ’15 and Brigid D. McNally ’17

    Daniel P. Aranda ’83, brother of John G. Aranda ’81 and Gail Aranda Schoenfeld ’85

    Margaret Curin, wife of John J. Curin, Jr. ’50

    Ramon Ibarra ’72

    Helen Sauer Brown (passed away March 2016), mother of Joachim “Jock” Brown '66 and Martin J. Brown '77, grandmother of Kathleen Brown Heinecken '92, Maura Brown Baich '95, Colleen Brown Vrba '97 and Timothy Brown '99

    Nancy J. Bidwill, sister-in-law of Charles W. Bidwill, Jr. ’46

    Gail Kuhneman, wife of Martin F. Kuhneman '49

    Sophie Javorski, grandmother of James A. Javorski ’09, Michael J. Javorski ’09, Thomas A. Javorski ’10, Joseph C. Javorski ’13 and Lauren E. Javorski ’14

    John McNamara, father of Jill McNamara '85, Melissa "Micki" McNamara '90, Tracy McNamara Wizgird '92 and Amy McNamara Nolan '95

    Oscar O. D’Angelo, friend and benefactor of the Saint Ignatius community

    Margaret M. “Marge” Coleman, mother of John M. ’67, Michael D. ’69, mother-in-law of Saint Ignatius staff member, Karen Coleman, grandmother of John M. ’96, Matthew J. ’99, Daniel P. ’02, Kevin F. ’04, Shane M. ’06, Brendan T. ’08 and Maeve M. ’11

    David Rice, father of David “Mike” Rice ’78 and Elizabeth Rice Greer ’81

    Ann Supplitt, wife of George L. Supplitt (Dec’d.) ’38, mother of  George "Bill" Supplitt '72, Peter J. Supplitt ’74 and John T. Supplitt ’75, and sister of William E. Keefe (Dec’d.) ’46
  • July 2016

    Virginia “Ginny” Murray ’09, sister of Patrick Murray ’13

    Mark Frazel, brother of Matthew F. Frazel '74, Rosemary Frazel Howley '82, Thomas D. Frazel '86, Christina Frazel '88, uncle of Ellen Frazel Friedman '05, Joanne E. Frazel '10,Paul W. Frazel '11, Thomas Frazel '12, Malin F. Frazel '13

    Elizabeth (Betty) Napleton, grandmother of Colleen M. Napleton ’99

    Catherine Mary Noteman Wagner, wife of John R. Wagner ’82, daughter-in-law of James Y. Wagner ’57, sister-in-law of William E. Wagner ’78 and Charles E. Wagner ’79

    Julianne L. Trezek, daughter of Nicholas A. Gallo '51

    Robert P. Grimes ’46

    Thomas J. McGrath, grandfather of John P. McGrath ’12 and Patrick J. McGrath ’16

    George J. Kriz, brother of Robert T. Kriz (current staff member), uncle of Robert J. Kriz ’99

    Mariko N. Gallaga, mother of William C. Gallaga ’91 and Amanda B. Gallaga ’94

    Mark B. Hartman, brother of former Saint Ignatius Board of Trustees member and former Board of Regents Co-Chair, John J. Hartman

    Marie T. O’Brien, grandmother of James M. Lynch ’06, Matthew D. Lynch ’10, Maura B. Lynch ’14 and Marie L. O’Brien-Smart ’18

    Milton Stinson (passed away April 2016), father of Sydney Stinson Ferguson ’84 and Kirstin Stinson Newby ’86

    James R. Cummings ’42, father of Robert L. Cummings ’72, Patrick M. Cummings ’73, grandfather of James E. Cummings ’98, Matthew J. Cummings ’99, Brian P. Cummings ’00, Elizabeth A. Cummings Carney ’01, Kathleen C. Cummings Folkrod ’04, Nora M. Cummings Daly ’06
  • June 2016

    Quin A. Denvir ’58, brother of John F. Denvir ’60, great uncle of Quin J. Denvir ’16.

    James Erskine, father of Andrew C. Erskine '03.

    Herbert P. Carlson, Esq. '50, brother of Robert J. Carlson (Dec'd.) '53, father of Peter H. Carlson '84 and Caroline Carlson-Smith '86. 

    Yolanda Arroyo, mother of Carmina Arroyo ’86, Dr. Martha Arroyo Ingino ’87 and Rosendo Arroyo, Jr. ’92, grandmother of Anastasia Arroyo ’19.

    Carol Sheerin, mother of Patrick Jr. ’91 and Michael ’94, mother-in-law of Julie Jovan-Sheerin ’91

    Theodore P. LaPorte ’50 (passed away December 2015)

    Dr. Andrea S. Kerr (Saint Ignatius Board member from September-2006 until May-2011), mother of Richard D. Kerr ’87 and Anedra S. Kerr ’90, mother-in-law of Ina N. Owens ’90

    Dr. Terrence W. Burke ’61, brother of James P. Burke (Dec’d.) ’59

    Joanne Frazel, mother of Matthew F. ’74, Rosemary Frazel Howley ’82, Thomas D. ’86 and Christina H. ’88, grandmother of Ellen Frazel Friedman ’05, Joanne E. ’10, Paul W. ’11, Thomas ’12, Malin F. ’13 and Michael W. ’13

    William M. Devlin '58

    Paul E. Keel ’65, father of Katie M. Keel ’92
  • May 2016

    Gerald E. Ruzich ’64

    Harold Patzelt ’39, brother of Walter Patzelt (Dec’d.) ’36

    Richard D. Johnson, father of Richard '73, Kevin '77, Brion '78, Gary '79 and Robert '80

    John F. O’Toole ’53 (passed away March 2016), brother of James S. O’Toole ’56, Robert J. O’Toole ’58, Thomas O’Toole ’65 and Joseph P. O’Toole ’66

    Joseph F. Picardi ’58, brother of James A. Picardi ’56

    Patrick J. Hynes, III ’50, brother of John F. Hynes ’53 and Thomas M. Hynes ’58

    Daniel Cheevers Meany '67

    John A. Gibaitis ’55 (passed away November 2015)

    Dr. James D. Stewart ’66, father of Sean D. Stewart ’90

    Lucille Msall, mother of Michael E. Msall ’69, Laurence J. Msall ’80, Madeleine E. Msall ’82 and Dr. Julianne Msall Pegler ‘89, mother-in-law of Steven D. Fischer ’71, grandmother of Jenna E. Fischer Casselman ’10, Ryan T. Fischer ’10 and Daniel E. Fischer ’03

    Philip M. Carlin, Ed. D. '45, father of Philip J. Carlin '78, father-in-law of Hon. Thomas L. Hogan '72, grandfather of Timothy E. Hogan and Patrick T. Hogan '06
  • April 2016

    Allan R. Stasica ’72, brother of Lawrence R. Stasica ’74

    Gregory J. Maher ’49 (passed away February 2015), brother of Thomas F. Maher (Dec’d.) ’47

    Mary Anne Lenahan, mother of Mark A. Heckler ’81

    Elizabeth Griffith, mother-in-law of Dennis M. Fleming '69 and Thomas J. Finn '75, grandmother of Matthew P. Fleming ’04, Elizabeth R. Fleming ’06 and Kevin M. Fleming ’10

    Thomas D. West ’46 (passed away March 1, 2016) father of Thomas H. West ’70 and Gregory J. West ’75

    George H. Cook, Ph.D., husband of Linda Cook, former faculty member at Saint Ignatius College Prep, father of Gregory A. Cook ’91, Michael S. Cook ’93 and Timothy L. Cook ’96

    William D. Sullivan ’47 (passed away December 3, 2015)

    Dr. Edward B. Smith ’46

    Deborah G. Stefanik, wife of Mark G. Stefanic ’70

    Philip M. Andrews '03, brother of Marissa C. Andrews Agnew '99 and Jessica L. Andrews '96, brother-in-law of Sean P. Agnew '98

    Justin Chandler Willis ’12

    Paul I. Choi '91 (passed away September 2015), brother of Peter Choi '92

    Dr. Theodore J. "Ted" Carney ’52 (passed away February 2016), brother of Andrew L. Carney ’49
  • March 2016

    Joseph A. Walsh ‘62, father of David J. Walsh ’87, Maureen Walsh Hilquist ’89, Matthew R. Walsh ’91, Brother of Denis F. Walsh '67, Kevin J. Walsh ’66 and Patrick J. Walsh ‘65

    Charles A. Bayens ’56

    John F. Rafferty, Jr. ’61 (passed away September 2015), brother of Robert M. Rafferty ’59 and Lawrence P. Rafferty (Dec’d) ’57

    Thomas J. Egan '51, father of Tom '79 and Tim '80, grandfather of Jordan Egan '00, Brendan Egan (attended), Sean Egan '10, Grant Egan '13, Madeline Ecklund '14, and Emily Ecklund '17, brother-in-law of Bernard Brice '64, Harry Brice '66, and nephews Dan Brice '93, Pat Brice '96, Andrew Brice '06 and niece Kate Brice '01

    Lorraine Illich (friend of Saint Ignatius)

    Jerry Hickey, father of Peter '93 and father-in-law of Dorothea '97

    Dr. Chris L. Carger, mother of Elizabeth E. Carger ’98 and Mary C. Carger ’03

    N. Mark Kinsella '46

    Patricia Moy, mother of Col. James J. Moy (Dec'd.) '85 and Yvonne Moy '83

    Catherine Lee Fox, mother of Jennifer Fox '91 and Jim Fox '95

    Genevieve Quinn, mother of Mark M. Quinn ’75

    Richard P. Carroll ’52

    Evelyn T. Pawlowski, grandmother of Christine Pawlowski ‘08

    Robert W. Colfer '47 (passed away October 2015), brother of Donald L. Colfer '53

    Harry M. Pawlowski ’47 (passed away January 2016), Brother of Thomas J. Pawlowski (Dec’d.) ’41

    Honorable Morgan F. Murphy, grandfather of Riley P. Doody ‘15

    Michael L. LaRocco '62, brother of Louis J. LaRocco '63 and Jack J. LaRocco '71
  • February 2016

    Cheryl Kay Zubor, mother of Laura Zubor Donahue '87 and mother-in-law of Patrick Donahue '84

    George T. Prokop ’54

    Austin J. Kennedy '47 

    Francis Gaudette ’73, brother of Paul Gaudette '74

    Peter E. Di Silvestri '54

    Eugene A. Schubert ’40

    Stephen Joseph Larkin ’69

    James Scott, father of Patrick Scott '87, father-in-law of Curtrice Scott '90, grandfather of Curtis '19 and Emmanuel (7th grade)

    Lillian Grimmer, Wife of Edward J. Grimmer '44

    Andrew Robinson, father of Christopher A. Robinson '84

    Thomas J. Yost, Sr., Father of Emery Joseph Yost '82 and John F. Yost '84

    Michael J. Kelly '70 (passed away November 2015)

    Daria Kaminski (passed away July 2007), wife of Michael Kaminski '66, sister-in-law of Thomas Kaminski '68

    Michael Borkowski, father of Michael Borkowski '13

    Robert L. Shaski '57

    Judith Calix, mother of Che Calix '88 and Jenny Calix McCarthy '91, sister of Don Hoffman (former Ignatius teacher), mother-in-law of Ian McCarthy '91  and Aimee Malczewski Calix ‘92

    Colonel Jon Conrad Vanden Bosch (USA Ret.) '51, brother of Robert Vanden Bosch '54

    Jerome Frazel, father of: Matthew Frazel `74, Rosemary Frazel Howley `82, Thomas Frazel `86, and Christina Frazel `88; grandfather of: Ellen Frazel `05, Joanne Frazel `10, Paul Frazel `11, Thomas Frazel `12, Malin Frazel `13 and Michael Frazel `13.
  • January 2016

    Dr. Aurelius Abbatiello `42

    Alfred M. Brown '56

    Donna Moy Gonzalez `85, sister of Dan Moy `74, Albert Moy `80, Carol Moy `83 and Cary Moy `84

    Rev. Robert I. Grib, S.J. '58, brother of Rev. Philip Grib, S.J. '56

    Robert Meany, Jr. `64, son of Robert Meany `32 (deceased)

    Emery Milroy '46 (passed away on 12.31.11)

    Alfred O'Sullivan '46 (passed away in 2010), brother of William O'Sullivan '45

    Robert Romano `49 (passed away on 5.12.15)

    John F. Walsh ’50 (passed away on 8.10.15)

    Family of Alumni

    Eleanore Balesteri, mother of Dr. Anthony Balesteri `62

    Robert Craig, father of Jiore Craig `09 and Gillian Craig `12

    Robert Dederick, grandfather of Christopher Alter `05, Charles Alter `07, Catherine Alter `08 and Robert Alter `13

    Jeanine Healey, wife of Francis Healey `47 (deceased); sister-in-law of Thomas Healey `48; grandmother of Joseph Donnelly `02, Kevin Donnelly `05, Michael Donnelly `09 and Terrence Donnelly `10

    Lucy Monico, mother of Michael Monico `65

    Brenda Murphy, mother of Rebecca Murphy Schmitz `90 and Kevin Murphy `97

    Rita Mary Nugent, mother of Michael Nugent '63; grandmother of Jenny Murray '02 and Ronald Murray '04

    Mary Wagner, wife of James Wagner '57 (deceased); mother of Charles Wagner '79, John Wagner '82 and William Wagner '78
  • December 2015

    Patrick Arloff `64

    Aurelius Abbatiello `42

    Rosemary Weisenberger, sister of Daniel O'Brien `60, Lawrence O'Brien `63 (deceased), Patrick O'Brien `71; mother of: Kathleen Weisenberger Fieweger `82, Julia Weisenberger-Stevenson `85, Elizabeth Weisenberger Keegan `87, Kristen Weisenberger Grant `90 and Margaret Weisenberger Barrett `95; grandmother of Anna Fieweger `11, Luke Fieweger `12, Kelsey Grant `13, Connor Fieweger `15 and Katharine Grant `19

    Vince Bentivenga

    Harold Britton, father of James Britton `89 and Christine Britton Valadez `90

    Sharon McGaughey Finney, mother of Kristin Finney Cooke `88

    Maria Cortina, spouse of Mario Cortina `49 and mother of James Cortina `76

    Robert Dennis `45

    Leo Dwyer `53, brother of John Dwyer `52 (deceased), Dennis Dwyer `67; uncle of Dennis Dwyer `94 and Michael Dwyer `97

    Robert Ford `54,  brother of John Ford `62

    Domenic Fratinardo `58, brother of Sam Fratinardo `52

    Carl Gabos `54

    Rev. Robert Alexius Goedert, O.P., brother of Most Rev. Raymond Goedert

    George Goodridge `62, son of George Goodridge `34; brother of James Goodridge `68 and Thomas Goodridge `71; brother-in-law of Patrick Nicholson `72; uncle of Colleen Nicholson `06 and Patrick Nicholson `08

    Michael Kelly '70

    Bernard Kelly `75

    Richard Kudia '63, father of Joseph Kudia `00 and Christine Kudia `03

    Lois Lawson, former staff member, Counseling

    Roger Little `63, brother of John Little `66

    William Lorenz, grandfather of Luke Haller `05, Kathleen Lorenz `13 and Bella Lorenz `16

    Alan Morrissey `54

    Edward John "Jack" Prebis '51

    Richard Spinell `55

    Alexander Villanueva, grandfather of Magnus Villanueva `10 and Jed Villanueva `18
  • November 2015

    John Caraher, CPA '50

    Dr. Melvin Coolidge, father-in-law of Elizabeth Gallagher Coolidge '84; grandfather of Brendan '13 and Ryan '16

    William Hummer, father of Grant '04 and Merritt '06

    John Wittstock '52

    Susan Ruiz, mother of Marissa '12 and Kirstyn '14

    Joseph Melichar, brother of Ann Melichar '87

    Dr. Ralph J. Bastian '45 (passed away September 2015), brother of John Bastian '52

    Rosemary Witt, mother of Richard Witt '77
  • October 2015

    Mary Ann Wagner, mother of John F. Wagner, Jr. '75, Steven J. Wagner '77, Christopher M. Wagner '80, and Cariann Wagner '88. Grandmother of Christopher Wagner, Jr. '08

    Daniel Williams George Corbett, son of David Corbett '65

    William J. Kelleher, grandfather of Will '06, Tom '08, and Muriel '11

    James Sweeney '52

    Daniel Brennan, father of Pat McGovern (current faculty) grandfather of Nancy McGovern Hughes '98, Philip McGovern '01, Michael Sullivan '00, Julie Sullivan '02, Erin McGovern '03 and Meg Sullivan '03

    Mary Ellen Zydowsky, Mother of Alexandra Miller '05

    James Paul '52

    Todd Harris '80, brother of Paula Harris '84

    Edward Conway, grandfather of Margaret Cullen-Conway '14, Clare Cullen-Conway '16, and Maeve Cullen-Conway '18

    Joan Kastenholz, grandmother of Sheila '10, Noreen '12, Jack '13, Maura '14, Cara Walsh '16, and mother-in-law of Tom Walsh '77
  • September 2015

    Cynthia Manfredini, aunt of Quinn '12, Carmen '14, and Mallory '17

    David T. McCann '51

    Dr. Gregory Dobrov, PhD., husband if Ignatius teacher, Mara, and father of Joanie '09 and Sasha '16

    Karen K. Gorman, mother of Joseph Sheils '85, mother-in-law of Kathleen Evert '82, grandmother of Margaret Sheils '15 and Edward Sheils '18

    William Sneckenberg, father of Christine '05 and Caroline '07

    Shirley Severino, mother of Alex '79, Andre '86, grandmother of Grace '15 and Anthony '19

    Art O'Grady '48

    Brandon Wolf '04

    Robert J. Bates '46

    Mina Lichter, mother of Jeff Lichter '65
  • August 2015

    Greg Perona, son of Lena Perona (former Treasurer at Saint Ignatius)

    Fitz Augustin '83

    Nicholas Cece '56

    Jack Lawler, father of, Ann Marie ‘85, Julie ‘88 and John '90. Grandfather of Kevin '13 and Madeline '10

    Maurice O’Connor ’48, brother of John O’Connor ’44(deceased), James O’Connor ’47, Thomas O’Connor ’50 (deceased), Robert O’Connor ’56, uncle of Thomas O’Connor ’78, John O’Connor ’80, Robert O’Connor ’83 and Patrick O’Connor ‘88 

    Peter James Foote '51, father of Peter Foote '77, John Foote '78, Mary Foote Fasano '80, Anne Foote Devane '82, Catherine Foote '85, and Loretta Casey '90
  • July 2015

    Robert Sauer '48.

    Joseph Burger '65, father of Joseph '96 and John '98

    Greg Perona, son of Lena Perona (former Treasurer at Saint Ignatius)

    Michael Bojkewycz, father of Marianna '15

    Ed Jakush '63

    Susan Catherine Bolin Schumacher, mother of Donald '05, Ford '06, Spencer '07, and Morgan '13

    Richard J. Lusk '49, father-in-law of Geraldine '85, grandfather of Grace '08, Jennifer '06, and Maria '10

    Dr. Charles Rubin, step-father of Elizabeth Flock '04, father of Jane Rubin '08, Lucy Rubin '10, Claire Rubin '11, and uncle/Godfather to Tim Frye '14

    Lawrence O'Reilly '56
  • June 2015

    Joseph Kantutis, father-in-law of Bob Kriz, grandfather of Robert '99, Anne '01, Lauren '04, Ellen '09, Joseph Drogos '97, and David Drogos '99

    Robert W. Agin '51, brother of Keneth Agin (Dec'd) '42

    John Ball '46

    Christine Vega, mother of Jose Vega '79

    The mother of Marijus '79 and Linus '79 Kelecius

    Jose Desierto, MD, father of Hon. Israel Desierto '80

    Raymond Urbanski '57

    Thomas A. Tully '53

    Roberta Munizzo, mother of Thomas Munizzo '78

    Ronald Melzer '59

    Charles Rubey, Jr., father of John Rubey '69, Patrick Rubey '73, Thomas Rubey '75, Michael Rubey '77, father-in-law of Brian Fetzer, grandfather of Molly Fetzer '99, Kathryn Rubey '05, Catherine Fetzer '07, Christopher Rubey '08 and Nora Rubey '13

    John P. Galante Sr. '50, grandfather of Courtney Conway '01, Jack Conway '04, Patrick Conway '05, and Cara Conway '12, brother of Gerard Galante '37 and Joseph Galante '39, nephew of Peter Bagnuolo '29, cousin of Peter Bagnuolo '57, and brother-in-law of Robert Fosco '61

    Robert J. Deering '42

    Richard J Golden '49 (Passed away on September 9, 2014)
  • May 2015

    Angela Kantutis nee Capriott, grandmother of Robert Kriz ’99, Anne Kriz ’01, Lauren Kriz ’04, Ellen Kriz ’09, Joseph Drogos ‘97, and David Drogos ’99

    Joseph Kantutis, father-in-law of Bob Kriz, grandfather of Robert '99, Anne '01, Lauren '04, Ellen '09, Joseph Drogos '97, and David Drogos '99

    Thomas Bohm '84, brother of Cheryl Bohm '91

    Frances Campanile, grandmother of Dominick '12 and Grace '17

    Jim Flavin '62

    Alma Fitzpatrick, mother of Michael Fitzpatrick '62

    Ronald Eric Davis, father of Marc '86 and father-in-law of Julie '86

    Daniel Lipczynski '61 (passed away 2/26/15)

    Jaizelle Leshani Rome '02, sister of Jacqueline L. Rome '05

    John F. Hartnett '54, brother of Jerome '51

    Stephen Janiszewski '65

    Daniel Thomas O'Brien, son of Mary (Moss '97) and Rory O'Brien '97, nephew of Daniel '95, Thomas '95, and Margaret '99

    Leonard Gliatto '47

    John "Jack" Daley, grandfather of Michael '03, Sean '06, and Kevin '09

    Lawrence V. Posanka '66, brother of Gerald '56

    Edward C. Reilly '47, brother of Fr. John Reilly, SJ '46 and Michael Reilly '50, uncle of Mark Reilly '77, and cousin of Fr. Robert Wild, SJ '57

    Robert Tudor '50 (passed away 2/1/15)

    John E. "Jack" Dowling '38

    Nancy O'Connell, sister of Ignatius teacher, Jane Delaney

    Dawn Kahn-Diamond '84
  • April 2015

    Fred Jones '52

    Mary Shiels, mother of State Representative Andre Thapedi '86

    Philip J. Rauen, Jr. '54, brother-in-law of James Moore '47

    Edward Moran '57, brother of Richard Moran '61, Charles Moran '63 & uncle of Margaret Moran McGarel '87, Richard M. Moran '90 (Karen '91) & Amy Moran '94

    Robert Farley Sr., father of Roger Farley '82, Tricia Farley Dziabis '84, and Nola Farley O'Keefe '91

    Philip Doran, Jr. '84, son of Philip (Mary) Doran '58, brother of Edmund Doran ’88, Margaret Doran Pezza '92, Elizabeth Doran Sheedy ’95; cousin of Jennifer Eiben Gervasio ’88 Lawrence Eiben ’90, Gretchen Eiben Lyons ’93 and Emily Eiben Lyons ’98

    Doug Boffone, father of Stephanie Buffone Loureiro '88 and Talleri Buffone McKenna '93

    Felicia Tomasino, mother-in-law of Robert Lock '76 and grandmother of Gabriella '10, Robert III '12, and Rachele '13
  • March 2015

    John J. Blyth '56

    Dale (Beard) Sword '86

    Marguerite McGuire, mother of Thomas McGuire '65

    Fr. Frederick Michael Jones '52, brother of William Jones '44

    Margaret (Peggy) Kegaly, wife of John Kegaly '52 and mother in law of John (Mary) Ward '89

    Margaret Dine, grandmother of Denny Dine '15

    Richard T. “Dick” Ryan '52, brother of Cornelius “Neil” Ryan (deceased) '51, uncle of Mary Ryan Kennedy ’88, Kelly Ryan ’89, Eileen Ryan D’Amico ’91, Neil Ryan ’92, Margaret Ryan ’94 and Kevin Ryan ’99

    James Kosowski '70

    Barnett Skyles (passed away Oct. 2014), father of Christopher Skyles '77

    James Donovan Jr. ’50, father of Danielle Donovan McHugh ’93 and Amanda Donovan ’95

    Lawrence T. O'Brien '63, brother of Dan '60 and Patrick '71, uncle of Dan O'Brien '85, Kathleen (Weisenberger) Fieweger '82, Julia (Weisenberger) Stevenson '85, Elizabeth (Weisenberger) Keegan '87, Kristen (Weisenberger) Grant '90, Margaret (Weisenberger) Barrett '95, and grandfather of Elizabeth O'Brien '17

    Albert Hoffman, Jr.

    Catherine "Katie" Culhane Perry, Mother-in-law of Ignatius Life Trustee, Barbara Perry, grandmother of Rachel '02, Zach '06, Grace '08, and mother of Ignatius Rugby coach, Martin Perry

    Br. Robert G. Cardosi, S.J.

    Roy A. Clark (passed away on May 29, 2013)

    Jim McDonald '66 (passed away in 2014)

    Michael McArdle, son of John '77 and brother of Lauren ‘03 and Emily ’08

    Paul Moroney ’57, father of Patrick Moroney ’82, Sheila Moroney Javor ’85 (Kenneth Javor ’83), brother of Francis Moroney (deceased) ’48, uncle of Gabriela Moroney ’90 and Francesca Moroney Cooper ’88
  • February 2015

    Philip Charles Basil, Father of Melissa Basil Morton '89, Matt Basil '90 (Amanda ’90), Marc Basil '93, Megan Basil Song '94 and Michael Basil '99

    Barnett Skyles, father of Christopher Skyles '77

    Richard N. Hinton '66 (passed away November 18, 2014), brother of Robert M. Hinton '73

    William Hawkinson '68, father of Jeffrey Hawkinson '91, April Hawkinson '96, and Erica Hawkinson '99
  • January 2015

    Robert Martin, father of Meghan Martin '08, Robert Martin III '10, Colleen Martin '11, Ryan Martin '13; son of Robert Martin '55; uncle of Thomas Newman '99, Kevin Newman '01, Margaret Newman '04, Erin Newman '09, Molly Dill '06, Trey Johnson '18 & brother in law of James Newman '68

    James McCann '66 (Passes away March 19, 2012)

    Sr. Marie Moson, former librarian at Saint Ignatius College Prep

    Janice Williams, mother of Andre Williams '04

    Margaret (Peggy) Kegaly, wife of John Kegaly '52 and mother-in-law of John (Mary) Ward '89

    Bruce Smith '60

    William Callaghan '39

    Dr. Joseph Hinkamp '44 (passed away in October 2014)

    Julie Stephens, grandmother of Bridget LeClair '01 and Colman (Colly) '03

    Robert J. Ready '43, grandfather of Dr. Margaret Kay Stacey '99 (Nicholas '99)

    Maurice L. O'Brien, grandfather of Cora Byrne '12, Brenna Byrne '14, and Emma Byrne '17
  • December 2014

    William Regan '61, brother of John Regan ’71, uncle of Annie Regan ’07 and Sheila Regan ’09

    Bernard P. Czerwinski '60 (passed away in February 2014), uncle of Edwin Przybylski '67

    Thomas Riordan '57, brother of John '55

    John Ryan, grandfather of Clare '02 and William '07

    Gerald E. O'Connor '50, brother of Ward O'Connor '53

    Dr. Joseph B. Cunningham, father of Joe ’79, Tom ’81, John ’84, Bob ’87, and Rick ’91

    Mary Susan Loftus, mother of Robert Loftus '90, Maureen Loftus Brennan '88, and Nora Loftus Hynes '00

    Bonifacio S. Talaue, father-in-law of John Tan '84

    Catherine M. "Kay" Gibbons, grandmother of Kristen '93, Stephanie '95, Dan '99, and Kathleen '02

    Virginia Luzzi, mother of Jim '65 and Anthony '70. Grandmother of Eric '93, Lauren '99, Jillian '05, and Amanda '04

    Vitas G. Paskauskas '65, brother of Denis '73, and uncle of Emily '05

    John M. Luzzi '75, brother of Michael '78
  • November 2014

    Mary Doria, mother of Thad Doria '84

    John E. McGing '71, brother of Kevin '72 and Joseph '74. Uncle of Sean '06, Sheila '08, Kevin '12, Joseph '09 and Thomas '17

    John Basso Sr., father of John V. Basso ’76

    William Frett '50, father of Becky '94, Chris '97 and Katie '01

    Rev. George Bernard '54

    Kenneth W. Nelson, brother of Donna Townsend '84
  • October 2014

    Thomas Godfrey '50

    Robert Hanrahan '51

    Mary Lou Connolly, sister of Dorothy Jiganti and sister-in-law of Jack Jiganti '58

    Sylvester Lulinski '47

    Jean Hrubecky, wife of Ronald Hrubecky '53

    Cornelius Ryan ’51, father of Mary Ryan Kennedy ’88, Kelly Ryan ’89, Eileen Ryan D’Amico ’91, Neil Ryan ’92, Margaret Ryan ’94, Kevin Ryan ’99 and brother of Richard Ryan ’52

    Sloan Letman '65

    Sarah Naughton, sister of Gino Naughton '72, Dominic Naughton '74, and Thomas Naughton '79; aunt of Kathleen Cunningham '89
  • September 2014

    Brian James Volkman, husband of Elisabeth Chomicz ’93, brother-in-law of Susan ’80, Anthony ’81, Carrie ’86, Leslie ’89 and John ’92

    James Goetz, father of Adrian Goetz ’74 and grandfather of Alexis Goetz ’11 and Adrian Goetz ’17

    Michael E. Lynch '50

    Jerry O'Connor '60

    David Marino '78, son of Charles Marino '52 and brother of John Marino '82

    Charlene Murphy, grandmother of Riley Doody '15

    Kent T. Smith '88, brother of Kerry '79, Brian '82, Kevin '83, Keith '85, and Kyle '92

    Ignacio Guzman, Jr., husband of Adriana Almaguer ’81 and father of Lauren Guzman ’07 and Emily Guzman ’09

    Francis M. Donovan '51

    Paul Alberton '57

    Leslie R. Gunther '66, father of William Gunther '06

    Daniel Curley '51

    Thomas Sturr '53, brother of Edward Sturr '55

    Ralph Valentino, father of Mark and Michael Valentino both '76 and grandfather of Gabriella '12 and Rachel '14
  • August 2014

    Joseph Varallo, Sr., father of Joseph T. Varallo, Jr. and Daniel (Yasmin) Varallo '81, grandfather of Anthony Varallo '12, Dominick Varallo '18, and Francesca Varallo

    Thomas O'Connor '66, brother of Joseph O'Connor '60

    Tami Hausman Barber, mother of Evelyn McKenna Greens '87

    George Porretta, grandfather of Jill Porretta '15

    Tim Kuhfuss, uncle of Jack Keelan '13, Jill Porretta '15, and Rory Keelan '16

    John McArdle '49, father of John '77 and grandfather of Lauren '03 and Emily '08

    Robert Hutchinson, Father-in-Law of Sarah Sobczak Hutchinson '02

    Rev. William Horath '51

    Nancy Heroldt, wife of John Heroldt '76
  • July 2014

    James P. Moss ‘42, father of Patrick Moss ’75 (Deceased), Phillip Moss ’83, brother of John Moss ’29 (Deceased), Edward Moss ’43 (Deceased), Paul Moss ’34 (Deceased), uncle of Stewart Moss ’55, John Moss ’59, Paul Moss ’62, granduncle of John Moss ’80

    Hermione Burnett, grandmother of Michael Burton '89

    Elizabeth Jones, grandmother of Caitlin Jones '05 and Michael Jones '07

    Ollie Evans, Father of Terri Evans ’94

    Mark Anthony Howell Sr., brother of Caesar Howell '87

    Michael Carmody, son of Lynn Carmody '57 and nephew of Stephen Carmody '55

    Linda Manne Walsh, wife of Michael P. Walsh ’68. Mike is the brother of George Walsh ’72, William Walsh ’77, Matthew J. Walsh ’79, and Catherine Walsh Crawford ’8l; uncle of Matthew Walsh, ’11
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