Sesquicentennial Street Banners

Saint Ignatius College Prep is thrilled to announce our Sesquicentennial Anniversary, as we celebrate 150 years of service in Chicago. With great pride and anticipation of this historic event, we are lining the streets around the Saint Ignatius campus with beautiful maroon street banners. We are hopeful that you will consider being a “Sesquicentennial Banner Sponsor” and display support for our anniversary.

Sesquicentennial street banners are now on display on street poles around Saint Ignatius College Prep thru July 1 2020, and boldly bear the sponsor name at the bottom half of the banner. The suggested sponsorship is $2,500.00 per banner. Proceeds from this sponsorship will help fund the “Ignatian Celebration” on August 24, 2019. Your sponsorship will include four complimentary tickets to this ‘music on the green’ family event on our new athletic fields at Roosevelt and Morgan Streets.

One of five public buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Saint Ignatius College Prep has been woven into the cloth of Chicago longer than any other high school in the city, and continues to educate students in the original classrooms that were built in 1869. Our global alumni reaches every corner of the world, and our Chicago Ignatius community exceeds 10,000. Our Sesquicentennial Anniversary is, indeed, a grand celebration!

As we embrace this proud moment in Chicago history, we want to raise the profile of Saint Ignatius, and its legacy of service. Lining the streets around our campus with sesquicentennial banners is a beautiful tribute to the men and women of Chicago, who helped build, maintain and grow Saint Ignatius for 150 years.
Saint Ignatius College Prep is a 501(c)3 organization. Gifts made to the school may be tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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