Get Involved with a School Organization

Get involved with a school organization. The major ones are below. Please click on one or all to take you to more detailed pages.

Get Involved with the Day-to-day Operations

Most of these organizations are run by committees that will allow you to make an extra impact. You can simply get involved helping to plan and execute successful events including Gloriam, the Business and Law Society Annual Luncheons, our Golf Classic, Class Reunions, Women’s Society & Parent Organization events.
Duties might include making phone calls, stuffing mailings, setting up/staffing/taking down special events, follow-up data entry and more.

Second, you can help in a school department and assist with duties associated with the day-to-day operations of our school staff if assistance is needed. Let us know where your strengths lie and we’ll see if we can find you a volunteer job that suits your schedule. The following are some specific programs where parents or alumni can get involved.
  • To assist the Development Department with events, mailings, data entry, filing, and other jobs as needed, call 312.432.8412.
  • To chaperone an activity, call the Director of Student Activities at 312.432.8401.
  • To help in the library, call the Director of Library Services at 312.432.8414.
  • To assist with plays produced by the Harlequins, call 312.432.8307.
  • To support the work of the Admissions Office, call 312.432.8411.
  • To volunteer your time in the Athletic Department, call 312.432.8355.
  • To work with the Guidance Office in administering AP tests, call 312.432.8330.
  • To help with needs associated with pastoral ministry or to find out about chaperoning a week-long community service trip in the summer for junior students, call the Department of Formation and Ministry at 312.432.8334.
  • To substitute for absent teachers (certification not required) or to speak to a class about topics relevant to your professional field, call the Assistant Principal for Academic Programs at 312.432-8305.
You can also contact your college or university to see if you can represent them at the Saint Ignatius College Fair, held each spring for junior students! There is truly something for everyone to do!

Please note that all volunteers, no matter what the job, must undergo a background check prior to helping out. The form is available in the “Employment” section of the school Web site, available by clicking here.
Finally, just be present in the school community. When was the last time you came to watch an Ignatius soccer game or a Harlequins musical? When was the last time you came to Open House, the auction, or played in the Golf Classic? We want to see you at our many events during the year because your presence and time are the most precious gifts you can give to our students. You are some of the best ambassadors for the mission of the school.

Phone       312.421.5900
Fax 312.432.8389