Board of Regents

Board of Regents

The Saint Ignatius College Prep Board of Regents (BOR) is a formal group of volunteers who serve as ambassadors for the school.
They work together with Saint Ignatius College Prep’s administration to advance the mission of Saint Ignatius College Prep, and help provide the means of support to sustain it. BOR members represent a diverse group of leaders from business, education, law, social, religious and philanthropic communities. The BOR was established in 2012 by the school’s past President, the Reverend Michael P. Caruso, S.J.
In order to advance the mission and growth of Saint Ignatius College Prep, all new Regents members are asked to make a commitment to insure that their participation has a tangible impact.
To this end, we offer the following expectations for all Regents members as a guide to their activity in support of Saint Ignatius College Prep.

List of 5 items.

  • 1. Develop an understanding of Saint Ignatius College Prep’s programs and their strategic direction.

    Your participation as a member of the BOR will have greater value if you understand and appreciate the mission, structure, and work of Saint Ignatius College Prep. Seeing the efforts and achievements of our students first-hand will enhance the value of your efforts. In order to develop a deeper understanding of Saint Ignatius College Prep’s current workings and future direction, we suggest that you:

    • Attend a school function at Saint Ignatius College Prep (new and existing Regents members) as a way to stay abreast of programs and connected to the school (e.g. a play, concert, or sporting event)
    • Attend a tour of the school (new members), hosted by a current member of the Student Ambassador program.
  • 2. Attend all Board of Regents meetings.

    BOR meetings provide an opportunity to learn about new developments at Saint Ignatius College Prep, and build camaraderie among members.  Attendance at BOR meetings demonstrates your commitment (2 times a year, one per school semester).
  • 4. Contribute to the success of BOR or constituent-sponsored events.

    In addition to your commitment of time, pledging financial support is an expectation of membership.  It is important that BOR members demonstrate their support through a financial investment in Saint Ignatius College Prep’s future.    Each year, Regents members are asked to select the ways in which they will help Saint Ignatius College Prep, including a commitment to annually contribute or obtain a minimum of $3,500.  BOR members are asked to introduce Saint Ignatius College Prep to at least two individuals or organizations each year, over the course of a 3-year Regents term, who can potentially be financial supporters to Saint Ignatius College Prep. 
  • 5. Spread the word.

    The network of alumni, parents, and friends Saint Ignatius College Prep will be instrumental in supporting the goals of the Board of Regents.  Saint Ignatius College Prep has an outstanding reputation of seeking excellence from students and developing “men and women for others” in a Catholic, Jesuit tradition.  The school has a student body that mirrors Chicagoland and celebrates its differences in economic circumstances, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.  One in four students receives Tuition Assistance.  Once you get acquainted with Saint Ignatius College Prep and its impact, you can make others aware of our long-standing mission.
  • 6. Look for other opportunities to contribute.

    There are many ways to help Saint Ignatius College Prep.  We invite you to use your imagination and skills in creative, new ways.
Please contact Andrea Lamacki at 312-432-8344 or if you have questions.
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