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    The Saint Ignatius Women's Society supports the Ignatius tradition of men and women for others by being philanthropic leaders for the benefit of the current Saint Ignatius students. The Women's Society is comprised of a diverse community of parents, alumni, and friends. We engage, reflect and support the school's mission through philanthropic efforts, service and hosting events for the Ignatius family to connect together in a meaningful way.

    Julie Garvey Davis '86, Chair
    Natasha Galavotti '91, Vice Chair
    Kimberly Clark '85 and Jodi Stuart, Holiday Shopping Event 
    Cecelia Loftus and Lara Ventura, Signature Event
    Mary Martin Lowe and Megan Allen Kennedy '91, Philanthropic Committee 
    Ruth Ann Snook and Nancy Claudio, Hospitality Committee
    Colleen Hanlon and Jan Botica Zekich '85, Networking Committee
    Carmen Valentino and Laura O’Malley, Life Topics Committee

    All women in the Saint Ignatius community-- including alumni, current and past parents and friends-- are invited to become active members and participate in events and committees. The Society consists of several committees: Signature Event, Networking, Community and Philanthropic. Basic membership in the Women’s Society requires no financial contribution. Participation on any committee is welcomed and encouraged. If you are interested in participating in planning or attending any of our events, please contact the Board at

    The Philanthropic Circle is comprised of women who have donated at least $250 in support of the Society's annual philanthropic appeal. Recent appeals have funded technology in a classroom and Club VOW (Voices of Women). Membership in the Society's Philanthropic Circle is encouraged. See below for a list of members in the Philanthropic Circle. CLICK HERE to donate now. Funds raised during the 2018-19 fiscal year will benefit the school's Tuition Assistance program through the Women's Society scholarship endowment.
    Philanthropic Circle Members - Fiscal Year 7.1.18 to 6.30.19
    Laura O’Malley
    Eileen Murphy ‘85
    Colleen Hanlon
    Vanessa Harrison
    Mary Lowe
    Diana McCartney
    Aletha Noonan
    Daniela O'Hara
    Ruth Snook
    Jodi Stuart
    Stacie McClane
    Susan Bredemann
    Teri Montes
    Gini Marziani
    Mary Jo Weis
    Maureen Pikarski ‘90
    Carol Clavadetscher
    Colleen McFarland 
    Ann Freeman
    Julie Davis ‘86
    Martha McNicholas Lowry
    Peggy Lombardo
    Elizabeth Bayston

    On May 2, 2019, we will host our annual dinner to celebrate the women of Saint Ignatius, including alumni, current and past mothers and friends of the school. See below for more information.

    All women in the Saint Ignatius community-- including alumni, current and past parents and friends-- are invited to become active members. The Society consists of several committees. Please consider participating on any of them. We welcome and encourage sharing of your time, talent and treasure.
    This committee hosts events for the Ignatius community to connect together in a meaningful way. In the past, the committee has hosted a career networking workshop and summer gatherings.

    This committee coordinates volunteers and service projects each year for the Women's Society and great Saint Ignatius community.

    The Life Topics Committee is responsible for providing a platform for discussion on meaningful life topics. Our goal is to bring the community together to learn from each other and to make meaningful changes in our personal, professional and spiritual lives.
Launched in 2019, the Saint Ignatius Women’s Society has developed a program centered around Mother’s Day. The "In Honor of Our Mothers" program is a heartfelt and meaningful way to send love and gratitude to mothers and mother figures who have made a difference in our lives in a special Mother’s Day tribute while also making a difference in the lives of Ignatius students.
In keeping with the Women’s Society Mission, the “In Honor of Our Mothers” Program is an opportunity for Saint Ignatius students, parents, alumni, and friends to make a contribution to the school's Tuition Assistance Program. 
All donations are welcome. A gift of at least $250 provides recognition in the Women’s Society Philanthropic Circle.
Through the “In Honor of Our Mothers” program, you have the opportunity to:
  • Share a picture of your honoree,
  • Share her personal story,
  • Tell her “thank you” in your own special way
    • Print a special honor card to share with your honoree(s) to let them know a Mother’s Day Gift of a donation to the Saint Ignatius Tuition Assistance Program has been made in her name.
Honorees are remembered and celebrated with:
  • A compilation of each year’s honorees’ stories and pictures will be posted on the Women’s Society’s page of the website.
  • In addition, all honorees will be remembered in a special Mother’s Day Blessing during the First Friday Mass of May (May 3, 2019). 
NOTE: Honor a mother or mother figure before May 11, 2019 in order for your honoree to be included in the 2019 "In Honor of Our Mothers" compilation.
CLICK HERE for a sample tribute
CLICK HERE for the honor card to share with your honoree
If you are interested, CLICK HERE for more details about next steps.
We look forward to working with you and hope for your participation in the Women’s Society. Your time and input is very helpful and generous and this makes the Women's Society a real pleasure to be involved in and is essential for us to work towards our mission. 
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