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As we reflect on Black History Month, may we journey together on a path of healing and understanding.
    • Dawn Hasbrouck '94

      Dawn Hasbrouck '94 was our Tolton Society honoree in 2018. In addition to her enthusiastic participation in all things Saint Ignatius, she’s a talented anchor at FOX 32 and has received a prestigious award from the Associated Press among other accolades. Thank you Dawn!

    • Art Reliford, Jr. '92

      Art Reliford, Jr. '92 has been part of The Tolton Society since its inception. His father, Art Reliford, Sr. '72, initiated The Tolton, formerly the Claver Endowment, in 2001. We are so grateful for the generosity of the Reliford family!

    • Malik Murray '92

      Malik Murray '92 has kicked off the Why Ignatius campaign in support of the Tolton Society Summer Soirée and Black History Month! Thank you Malik!

    • Patrice Louis '04

      Patrice Louis '04 has been a key member of the Tolton Society’s Executive Committee. Patrice has given his time and resources to promote our African American students in a variety of ways! Thank you Patrice!

    • Ivvy Hicks '20

      Ivvy Hicks '20 was a leader while at Saint Ignatius through her work with BOSS, athletics and mentoring. We are so proud of your accomplishments and look forward to many more!! Thank you Ivvy!

    • Christine Riley '93

      Christine Riley '93, a fellow Ignatian who was promoted to her new position, Director of Homeless Prevention, Poicy and Planning for the City of Chicago. Christine has been a member of the Tolton Society since its inception and has been a mentor to hundreds of our Saint Ignatius College Prep African American students. Thank you Christine for your continued support!

    • Fr. Paul Kalenzi, SJ

      Fr. Paul Kalenzi, SJ has been a blessing to our BOSS students and an inspiration to the Tolton Society. Thank you Fr Paul!

    • Ray Whearley '07

      Ray Whearley '07 is an inspiration to our African American students and his commitment and partnership with Saint Ignatius and The Tolton Society speaks of his extraordinary character! Thank you for all you do Ray!

    • Will Evans '73

      Will Evans '73 was our first Tolton Society honoree and is a beacon of light to our African American students. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the Illinois Tollway Authority. Thank you Will!

    • Wallace Harris, Jr. '83

      Wallace Harris ‘83 is an example of a true Ignatian. He is an alum, parent of alums, Board member and a constant reminder of the life-long relationships that are formed at Saint Ignatius! Thank you Wallace!

    • Monique Bell '99

      Monique Bell '99 has been involved with Saint Ignatius for many years. She has been a member of The Tolton Society as well as a mentor for our Entrepreneurial Class. Along with sisters, Felicia '96 and Danielle '03 and her amazing parents, Alvin and Gloria, Monique continues to be a model for our students! Thank you!!

    • Jeremy Atuobi '17

      Jeremy Atuobi '17 and David Moore '17 have organized our Young African American alums and created a new arm of the Tolton Society. We are blessed to have the next generation of Ignatians as role models. Jeremy will be graduating from The University of Michigan this spring. Congrats and Thank you Jeremy!

    • Floyd Glinsey, Sr. '94

      Floyd Glinsey, Sr. '94 continues to be a shining star for our African American students and alumnae. Floyd has dedicated his time, talent and treasure to The Tolton Society in ways too many to count! Thank you Floyd!

    • David Moore '17

      David Moore '17, a standout at Duke University, has dedicated his time and expertise along with Jeremy Atuobi '17, in establishging the Young Tolton Society members. Your continued partnership with Saint Ignatius is so appreciated! Thank you David!

    • Kimberly Jackson '99

      Kimberly Jackson '99 has volunteered her expertise and time for the past several years to our annual BOSS College Panel. The event is something our African American students look forward to each year and is run with precision because of Kimberly's guidance. Thank you Kimberly!

    • Kitty Hooper '87

      Kitty Hooper '87 has been mentoring our African American students for over 20 years. She is a true woman for others! AMDG

    • Audrey Lewis '91

      Audrey Lewis '91 has shown over the years what it means to be a true Ignatian! Audrey continues to be in contact with her many classmates from the stellar Class of '91. With their 30th Reunion coming up, we look to you for continued leadership and mentoring! Thank you Audrey!

    • Erin Toole Williams '87

      Erin Toole Williams '87 is known for her ability to support so many causes at Saint Ignatius. Her leadership with the Women's Society increased enthusiasm as she has done as Co-Chair of The Tolton Society. As an alum, parent of an alum and a present parent, Erin recognizes the good work of Tolton and lifts up its mission! Thank you Erin!

    • Kamau Coar '94

      Kamau Coar '94 is an inspiration to all of our African American students. Thank you for showing us how to be men and women for others!

    • Michael R. Wilbon '76

      Mike Wilbon '76 will be honored at The Tolton Society Summer Soiree on August 7, 2021!

We, the Augustus Tolton Society of Saint Ignatius College Prep, commend BOSS (Black Organization of Successful Students) on their bold statement that addressed the virus of racism that is prevalent throughout the world and unfortunately in our community as well.  
Our vow is to continually stay vigilant in promoting an agenda that focuses on the improvement of our school and hopefully the world. Our wish is that we, the Saint Ignatius Community, can be that beacon of not just hope but an impetus in the eradication of this systemic problem. 
We close with these words… words that are repeated every time we pray but as we move forward let them be the strength that is needed to not only to bless us, but more importantly to guide us.  “Saint Ignatius, pray for us.”
In anticipation of Fr. Augustus Tolton’s impending canonization, Saint Ignatius College Prep’s Claver Society will now be known as the Tolton Society. Art Reliford ’72 began the Claver Endowment which benefits our African American students in need of financial aid. The Endowment has grown exponentially over the past 10 years with the leadership of the Claver Society, led by Gerald S. McCarthy ’80. Dozens of alumni as well as friends of the school have also been instrumental in reaching the endowment’s current total of over $525,000.

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  • Tolton Society Annual Members

    as of 4.1.2021
    *indicates lifetime member

    Ms. Kara Allen '93
    Mr. Alvin Bell and Mrs. Gloria Bell*
    Ms. Danielle Bell '03*
    Ms. Felicia D. Bell '96*
    Ms. Monique Bell '99*
    Mr. Willard S. Evans, Jr. '73*
    Ms. Tina Ewing '82
    Dr. Darryl Fortson '80
    Mr. Kenard Gibbs '82
    Ms. Mellody Hobson '87
    Ms. Kara Holloway '87
    Mr. Christian Johns '16
    Mr. Rashod Johnson '93*
    Mr. Oswald Lewis and Ms. Maria Green*
    Mr. Patrice Louis '04*
    Dr. Mary Martin Lowe
    Mr. Adam Lutynski '59
    Ms. Brittany Martinez '05
    Mr. Gerald McCarthy '80*
    Mr. Malik Murray '92*
    Mr. Arthur Reliford '92 and Mrs. Elisa Reliford*
    Mr. Arthur Reliford '72 and Mrs. Carol Reliford*
    Mr. Elliott Rodgers
    Mrs. Sarah Gonzales Ryan '95
    Mrs. Curtrice White Scott '90*
    Mr. Jonathan Shaver
    Dr. Victoria Sneed '82
    Mr. Phillip Sutton '78
    Mr. Laurence Weithers '80
    Mr. Theodore Williams '76
    Wintrust Financial*
    Mrs. Ann Marie Mitchell Wright '86

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  • Tolton Society Lifetime Members

    Gloria and Alvin Bell
    Felicia Bell ‘96
    Monique Bell ‘99
    Danielle Bell ‘03
    Willard Evans, Jr. '73
    Maria Green and Oswald Lewis
    Rashod Johnson ‘93
    Adam M. Lutnyski '59
    Gerald S. McCarthy ‘80
    Malik Murray ‘92
    Carol and Arthur Reliford Sr. ‘72
    Elisa and Arthur Reliford Jr. ‘92
    Wintrust Financial

Tolton Society News

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  • Reflections on Racial Justice in the Law and Legal Profession

    On January 27th, the Catholic Lawyers Guild hosted a panel discussion on "Being Explicit About Implicit Bias: Reflections on Racial Justice in the Law and Legal Profession." The panel featured retired Judge Ed Washington, counsel for Nixon Peabody LLP, Judge Ramon Ocasio, a judge on the Circuit Court of Cook County, Tanya D. Woods , the Executive Director of the Westside Justice Center, and Tamiko Russell, a law student at UIC John Marshall Law School. The discussion will be moderated by Kevin Murphy, the President of the Catholic Lawyers Guild.
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  • Tanya D. Woods to be honored at ACS Legal Legends Luncheon

    Law & Tolton Society member Tanya D. Woods, Executive Director of the Westside Justice Centeris being honored this year with the Ruth Goldman Award at the American Constitution Society's Legal Legends Luncheon, which will be held next week on Tuesday, November 17 at 12:00 p.m. Next week’s Luncheon will be virtual, and we hope that you can join us to celebrate Tanya. In addition to Tanya, Selena Kyle of the NRDC Chicago and David Bradford of Jenner & Block will be honored.
    ACS is a leading progressive legal organization with more than 200 student and lawyer chapters across the nation. ACS believes that the Constitution is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” The Chicago Legal Legends Luncheon is our Chapter’s annual event honoring luminaries in the Chicago legal community. Stanford Law School’s Pamela Karlan will be providing keynote remarks on what 2020 means for the future of our democracy.
    Tickets this year are free, register HERE.
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  • Rashod Johnson '93 ABC 7 Interview

    Saint Ignatius Alum, President and CEO of Ardmore Roderick Construction, Rashod Johnson '93, was recently interviewed by ABC 7 News for their Chicago's Black Owned series. CLICK HERE to watch the video.
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Tolton Society

Past Event Recaps

BOSS/Tolton College Panel 2020

On October 22, 2020, BOSS and The Tolton Society were able to virtually host our annual College Panel for over 80 participants! We were honored to have Jawann Pollard, Director of College Persistence & Success at The Academy Group as our featured speaker. In addition, Kurt Schmidt, Director of College Counseling and a panel of recent Saint Ignatius graduates, Jeremy Atuobi ’17, David Moore ’17, Randall Lee ’19, Gabriela Meschino ’20, Zoe Warner ’20 and Anicia Miller ’20 resoundingly improved our new format and greatly enhanced the conversation.
In addition to the college panel, we also welcomed extraordinary vision board submissions by many of our BOSS members. A special thank you to Kimberly Leonard Jackson ’99 who has served as our moderator for the past 15 years, Fr. Paul Kalenzi SJ and Ms. Cheri Smith, BOSS moderators and Gerald S. McCarthy ’80, Tolton Society Chair.

BOSS/Tolton Meet & Greet 2020

On September 23, 2020, BOSS – Black Organization of Successful Students – hosted a Meet and Greet for incoming African American students and their parents. The hybrid event (freshmen attended in person; other students, parents and alumni were online) was co-hosted with the Tolton Society. After an opening prayer by Fr. Paul Kalenzi SJ, President John Chandler welcomed the newest members of BOSS. He challenged the students to be ready to speak up, to be agents of change and strive for the Magis, the greater. The BOSS executives then presented the club; they highlighted its mission of service and goals for the year. We also heard from Malik Murray ’92 who spoke of the Tolton Society which is committed to providing resources and connections to BOSS students and their families. Everyone was awed by the presentation from Jeremy Atuobi ’17, a former BOSS co-chair who is now studying Engineering at the University of Michigan. With his contemporary, David Moore, Jeremy spoke of his experiences at BOSS and how Saint Ignatius had shaped and empowered them. Finally, Principal Brianna Latko graciously welcomed the incoming freshmen; she commended the BOSS leaders past and present, and encouraged continued open conversations. We are grateful to all who were able to join us, including Kitty Hooper ’87, our Diversity Coordinator, and many faculty and staff of Saint Ignatius. A special thank you to the BOSS executives who organized the event. We all look forward to future BOSS/Tolton events even when we cannot meet in person.

Mass of the Holy Sprit 09.04.2020

Sultan Lugboso ’21, gave the readings at The Mass of the Holy Spirit today as we officially welcomed John Chandler as the 31st President of Saint Ignatius College Prep.

Young Tolton Society Inaugural 12.20.19

With the leadership of Jeremy Atoubi '17 and David Moore '17 the Young Tolton Society held its inaugural event on Friday, December 20th at the Tony Fornelli '51 Alumni Lounge.  
Over 65 African American young alums gathered to reconnect and to learn about The Tolton Society as well as to find our ways to stay involved with Saint Ignatius. 
In addition to Jeremy and David, our Tolton Society leadership also spoke including Gerald McCarthy '80, Erin Toole Williams '87, Malik Murray '92 and Christine Riley '93. Newly named President, John Chandler spoke to the attendees with a positive and uplifting message. 

Tolton Society / BOSS College Panel 10.23.19

The newly renamed Tolton Society joined with BOSS members and hosted the annual College Panel on Wednesday, October 23rd.  This was an informative and significant event for all of our students of color and their families.  Jawann Pollard, Dir. Of College Persistence and Success at The Academy Group, was one of our featured speakers along with Keith Lewis, Dir. Of Community Relations at UIC.  In addition, we also welcomed back Lori Lypson ’93, Ayana Davis ’16, Christopher Koonce ’97, Arthur Reliford ’92 and our moderator, Kimberly Leonard Jackson ’99 as our Alumni Panel.  A special thanks to BOSS moderators, Cheri Smith and Fr. Paul Kalenzi, SJ.  All were treated to a fantastic buffet dinner following the Vision Boards presented by BOSS students.

BOSS Welcome Back Cookout 9.06.19

The annual BOSS/Tolton Society back to school cookout was held on Friday, September 6th at The Alumni Lounge.
BOSS students, their families and many alums gathered together to celebrate good food, great friendships and abundant fun!

Tolton Icon Blessing 8.30.19

Bishop Joseph N. Perry, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago celebrated at the mass for our first Ignatian Value Days of our Sesquicentennial school year on Friday, August 30, 2019. Bishop Perry gave some reflections on the rich history of The Venerable Fr. Augustus Tolton and the context of his ministry in Chicago around the time Fr. Arnold Damen, SJ, and his companions were in their first years at 1076 Roosevelt Road. Bishop Perry then blessed two icons of The Venerable Fr. Augustus Tolton that will hang prominently in the school.

Bud Billiken Parade 8.10.19

The school community had a great turn out as we marched in the Bud Billiken Parade last month. The event helped celebrate the cultural diversity that has always been present at Saint Ignatius College Prep. Click here to see the photo gallery from Phillip Sutton '78.
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