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The Saint Ignatius Monogram Club aims to foster enduring relationships among current and former athletes, parents, and friends of Saint Ignatius College Prep to perpetuate the legacy and rich tradition of Saint Ignatius Athletics.

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Event Recaps

On a fine autumnal afternoon with overhead clouds and the first hints of winter adding a bite to the air, the Ignatius Alumni Soccer team took the pitch under the watchful eyes of Coaches Jim Luzzi ’65 and John Chandler. Families that turned out for the game were treated to an explosive opening half effort that started with hats versus no hats as the Brophy brothers were late showing up with vintage maroon and gold uniforms for the annual event, now in its 5th year. An even game with excellent passing and defense solidified into a genuine epic as the young bloods faced off against their wizened peers, textbook shielding and defensive fronts gave way to finishers delight goals, balls volleying out of the sky amidst a scrum of willing men and women for others.

A flash up the middle from Jameson Drouin ’08 maneuvered away by Joseph Colak ’96. A battle of wills as the unstoppable force of Jonathan Viera ’14 runs into the immovable object of Joe Moore ’01. The Nolan and Wyman brothers teaming up to deliver waves of attacks and Zachary Soenen ’14 serving an endless buffet of crosses to the middle that Carlos Hidalgo ’09 and Matthew Reedy ’95 ably defended. Brian Walsh ’01 served with distinction on both ends of the field, taking the guesswork out of who would win 50/50 balls. Among the goals Evan LaRuffa ’01 scored was a web gem with panache that was later described as 'disrespectful' for calmly deconstructing the defense like an open faced Al's Italian beef sandwich. Using his sunglasses to sneak through the defense undetected on a corner kick, Tom Brophy ’98 rose for a near post Jordanesque header, proving the alumni as good once, as they ever were. In the words of World Champion Megan Rapino, "I play a certain style. I'm not willing to compromise that part of me."  We retired back to the alumni center after our 5-5 tie and were served our Saturday Jugs to ensure we wouldn't be tardy for the next game.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and looking forward to the spring where we hope to have our next outing after a women's varsity game once the warm weather returns to Chicago. 

Recap provided by John Brophy '01. 
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